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Unleash the power of distributed data transformational technology in blockchain to move the business forward unlocking and capturing the true value of assets through shared information.
Blockchain App Development
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Our blockchain development services are intended to improve business operations. Blockchain is seeing a wider adoption in a range of industries including financial institutions, gaming, IoT, exchanges, education, fintech, retail, health, ecommerce, and a lot more. Our blockchain solutions offer paradigm-shifting capabilities to businesses looking for unmatched scalability.
Reimagine the way world looks at the transactional value of data. Blockchain is creating the systems with the potential to disrupt the current way businesses work. Blockhain is essentially a repository of data that records transactions and places them in a nodal arrangement of computers. It stores information with foolproof time stamping for accelerated security of a project. While Bitcoin (BTC) democratized the creation of crypto currency, Ethereum provided the concept of smart contracts. Flexsin is at the center of it all. We are making robust blockchain solutions digital enablers for enterprises.
  • Analyze

    Analyze the system for compatibility and feasibility of blockchain operations for efficient business processes.
  • Innovate

    Innovating to enhance the performance of business operations and improve the ROI for an enterprise.
  • Build

    Design and deploy scalable and transparent processes for flawless transactions that are safe, verifiable and secure.
  • Transact

    Transact in a proprietary blockchain ecosystem with enhanced features of security, scalability and trust.
Blockchain Development Platforms
Delivering breakthroughs on enterprise-wide value chains, we design and deploy solutions on different blockchain development platforms. We enable enterprises to explore business opportunities and drive innovation by delivering scalable and secure blockchain development solutions.
    • IBM Blockchain
    • Hyperledger
    • Ethereum
    • R3-Corda
    • Multichain
    • AWS BaaS
    • Bitcoin- fork
    • EOS
    • TRON
    • HashGraph
    • Microsoft Azure ( BaaS)
    • Blockstack
    • BigChainDB
    • Stellar
    • Waves
Our Blockchain Development Expertise
We have extensive expertise in developing blockchain as per the needs of a business. Our team of blockchain developers will build and configure a network infrastructure custom-designed for enterprises.
Blockchain Consulting
Harness our consulting capabilities to discover how the blockchain will drive enterprise-class transformation in your business with improved transparency and security. Our cross-ecosystem consulting expertise brings innovation in your business's native blockchain ecosystem.

How Blockchain Works?

A block is the record of transactions that include the address of the receiver and the sender's wallet. When a transaction is added to the block, it becomes immutable and cannot be manipulated. The block is verified and then attached the blockchain. The blockchain makes use of private key cryptography, a distributed network with a shared ledger, and incentives to service the network transactions. Besides fintech companies, blockchain is embraced in various verticals.
  • P2P Network Distributed application architecture that distributes tasks between nodes.
  • Communication Implementing a set of standard protocols for exchange of values between blocks.
  • Validation Every computer in the network validates transactions against set rules.
  • Verification The block is hashed through mathematical equations producing a unique result.
  • Confirmation Blocks added after proof-of-work is confirmed for a successful transaction.
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