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Client Overview
An Africa-based client in the architectural sector sought a cutting-edge digital solution to transform the field by leveraging an AI-driven diagram generation process with integrated icons. With a commitment to revolutionize how industries operate. Our dedication to revolutionizing the horizon leads us to create an AI-enabled diagram that is blockchain enabled and subscription driven. This all-in-one solution offers unmatched precision and efficiency, catering to a wide range of industries. The tool enables the conversion of textual inputs into high level diagrams that are extremely helpful in educating schools and institutions. By narrowing complex procedures and increasing access to advanced diagramming capabilities, were creating a substantial breakthrough for the IT industry.
Business Needs
Receiving thousands of applications throughout, the client desired to opt for an AI-powered SAAS solution with the capability to optimize and streamline the production of diverse diagrams. Moreover, the client wanted us to help them enhance their process flow by implementing automation, with an improvement in diagram accuracy and efficiency; furthermore, they could receive continual feedback, enabling them to make real-time enhancements. The client wanted to foster the power of AI for the following requirements:

  • To improve efficiency, they wanted us to automate the manual tasks of generating and maintaining records and documents.
  • Improving the efficiency of the diagram generation process, thus balancing speed and quality.
  • To develop a centralized platform that can be accessed through multiple diagrams.
  • Leverage AI to examine and refine diagrams, facilitating continuous enhancement throughout.
  • They aim to stabilize brand positioning, ensuring uniformity and coherence in all the diagrams.
Strategy & Solution
The client wanted to streamline the process of generating thousands of diagrams per month across various projects. They sought a solution that would enable their design team to concentrate on high-value tasks instead of manual diagram creation; moreover, the client wished to address the issues of ensuring diagram accuracy and consistency, along with incorporating feedback for ongoing improvement. To resolve other objectives, the client relied on AI with the following needs:

  • To automate diagram creation, formatting, and template application, thus ensuring significant time savings.
  • Diagrams are generated swiftly while maintaining high standards of accuracy.
  • To setup a platform that could manage different diagram types, eliminating the need for multiple tools.
  • AI could identify and analyze existing diagrams and suggest enhancements and redesigns in seconds.
  • Real-time feedback, thus ensuring ongoing improvements.
  • Optimizing the workflow, thus strengthening the brand by enhancing the diagram creation efficiency.

Leveraging Angular, our front-end team optimized, inherent interface for seamless user interaction. Thus, offering a dynamic experience, ensuring users could effortlessly develop, customize, and review the diagrams. Yielding optimal performance and responsive design across all devices, establishing indulgence and user accessibility. We can analyze any type of diagram by either uploading an image of the diagram or by providing a prompt to create a specific type of diagram.

  • Developed an intuitive interface that was easy to navigate for selecting different diagram types (Network Diagram, System Context Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Infrastructure Diagram, DevOps Architecture Diagram).
  • Real-time feedback generation for diagram updates.
  • Customization: Users can personalize diagrams with integrated icons and styles.
  • The user could utilize personalized diagrams with customized styles and icons.
  • To ensure fast loading time and smooth transition.

Our robust backend system is built with C# and ASP.NET MVC, thus ensuring efficient data processing and management. Thus, integrating OpenAI and Mermaid Live, allowed for quick and efficient high-quality diagrams, with scalable architecture and advanced algorithms, securing reliability, safety, and seamless functionality, supporting the platforms innovative features and future growth. .

  • OpenAI was integrated to generate code for Mermaid.JS, improvising on the automation process.
  • Mermaid.JS was implemented to analyse the codes efficiently and build accurate diagrams.
  • The client relied on our backend process of creating large volume of diagrams in line with ensuring high levels of performance.
  • We utilized and implemented stringent protocols to ensure secure data processing and storage.

Development Process:
Employed an agile methodology and scoped AI-driven diagram generation, ensuring reliability. Maintained close collaboration with the client, accelerated delivery, met milestones and enhanced capabilities constantly, fostering transparency and trust. We implemented a zero-tolerance policy for errors, ensuring peak performance and reliability throughout the project lifecycle.

  • We outlined the capabilities of AI-driven functionalities.
  • The accuracy of the deliverables was checked at every level.
  • We also integrated clients recommended features for enhanced functionalities.
  • We ensured flowless operation, thus ensuring top-tier performance with reliability.
Business Outcomes
In the end, the client was happy with the AI-based diagram generation tool that revolutionized the creation of diagrams, making it possible to generate them in mere seconds. The client managed the sizable amount of diagram requests that they managed. Here are some of the benefits the client experienced as soon as this solution was deployed.:

  • We were able to boost their productivity by automating diagram generation, leading to a 80% increase.
  • With our AI initiative, the client was able to uphold the manual creation tasks by 80%, allowing the team to focus on high-value activities.
  • The diagram’s precision was enhanced by 90%, thus guaranteeing superior and consistent results.
  • We were successfully able to reduce the cost of managing multiple diagramming tools upto 64%.
  • Able to boost the user satisfaction level upto 85%, it proved to be a more efficient and user-friendly platform.
  • The process was streamlined, enabling the delivery of complex diagrams in seconds, leading to 70% overall process efficiency.
Client's Speak
We are very happy with the outstanding work completed by Flexsin, the AI-based diagram generation tool, that has significantly uplifted our productivity. The tool's ability to create detailed diagrams in just few seconds is truly remarkable. This efficiency has not only streamlined our processes but captivated our clients as well.

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