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At Travimondo, they are striving to create authentic and meaningful travel experience that bring wonders to travelers in both hidden and celebrated destinations around the globe. There are so many wonderful destinations and hidden places that are hard to believe exist at all. Our client is aim to inspire a thirst for discovery and a passion for the wonders of the world. Travimondo website not only a road trip planner but also offers lots of information that you might be needed for the trip. Our client believed that traveling is one of the most important things in life. At Travimodo travel website users can search hotels, rental homes, flights all related to travel in a convenient way.
  • Time Duration 09 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
Our client needed an online portal that helps travelers by offering easy way of booking hotels flights as well as provide route planner option. They need a dynamic website not only help in planning a trip but also contain relevant information, blogs and articles related to travelling. Moreover, client also required a solution for saving huge hotel database with API listing display on the website. The key requirements include:-

  • Custom results display according to related countries
  • Shortest route defining map with displaying properties
  • Advanced integration of the map
  • Exceptional search technology to support your travel business
  • Interactive and user-friendly website
  • Easy sign in process
With our profound domain expertise and experience, we recommended the best solution to our clients and successful implement it on the website. API integration from Novasol was the biggest challenge in this portal development as it has contained millions of records and our client wanted to display it as a custom results related to the countries they wanted to offer the services. Our developers managed resolve the issues and execute it on the website with their specialization and extensive technology knowledge.

We have also developed a solution to save huge hotels data in our database as well along the API listing display on the website. Additional, we have provided a shortest route defining over the map on the website while displaying properties over the map. This portal has an advanced integration of map for effective presentation of information over the website in different sections.

Front-end Our team analyzed the different travel portals and finally created a most attractive and impressive website design with advanced functionality features. Our UI designers deployed different technologies and framework to enhance the website appearance and make it more user-friendly.

  • Elegant user interface providing for smooth user experience
  • High performance and scalable
  • Intuitive navigation bar.
  • Integration with social networks.
  • Easy to map for route planning
  • Convenient and simple way of booking features
  • Advanced loading speed and functionality

Backend Our team was responsible from development to maintenance of website so we have divided this project in different modules and assigned the dedicatedly of expert professionals. We worked on the following backend solutions while keeping the various stages of business analysis, solution implementation and customization.

  • Backend admin for easy website management
  • Use Predictive analytics tools and techniques
  • Seamless payment integration
  • Use server side language PHP and HTML to create dynamically created pages
  • My SQL database to store website data like image, code, files, etc.

Development Process Before start with this route planner travel portal, our team collected the application requirements and wrote the complete specifications. We conducted a rigorous business analysis and formulate the strategies that go well with portal's further evolution. According to our client need, we are required to design a website with AJAX based advanced GUI and interact features. We worked on different aspect during development process:-

  • Analysis the code and architecture solution
  • Designed a new strategies
  • Deeply worked prime features of the websites
  • Build route planner map to enhance search
  • Utilized Industry's best iterative development practices

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

They did a great job, we started getting good business in a couple of months after launch. The team ..
Owner at travimondo, Oslo, Norway
We have successfully delivered the portal that enhances travelers experience and enable them to plan and search their best hotels, flights as well as allow planning their trip with map route planer. Our client was fully satisfied with our services and utilized the portal to expanding their business and getting good revenue. Here are some benefits that the client experienced when the website went live:-

  • The website is currently used by thousands of customers for planning their holiday
  • Enhance the user experience by providing easy booking process
  • Provide uniform booking process across different services.
  • Ensure better customization flexibility, strong security and improve performance
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