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Built A Data Analysis Platform To Help A Finance And Banking Leader Improve Stock-Specific Decision-Making

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Client Overview
A leading market-data website, Reditum is a robust platform that enables its users to access market data anywhere, anytime. This web-based ecosystem has a number of tools that empower its user to see the records in the form of graph, chart, and table. Its users can see all the records available in the database in graphical and tabular formats; these data units can also be downloaded in the form of CSV.
Business Needs
The client needed our team to design, develop, and deploy a user-friendly application. This application would ensure that each of its user, paid or unpaid, will receive the information timely and in a well-organized and effective manner. The web ecosystem was required to have three dedicated modules having different users. The web-based application's aim was to streamline and simplify stock-specific decision-making.

  • Create an intuitive application
  • Ensure faster load times
  • Develop lightweight application
  • Provide the latest stock data
  • Manage portfolio
Strategy & Solution
Our team of web developers created three modules. The first module was for an admin who was supposed to update the market data time to time. The admin would also manage other users' roles. The second one was for the paid users who enjoyed a set of advantage over the unpaid ones; the users of the second module got more premium services than the unpaid users. The third module was related to managing the unpaid users.

Front-end For creating this web-based application, our team implemented a number of cutting-edge frontend technologies and frameworks. By leveraging a huge array of front-end technologies, this web application became flexible and powerful.

  • User-friendly user interface
  • Manage bulk records
  • Optimize website speed

Backend The web application needed a robust backend framework so that it could easily integrate with all the existing APIs. The application relied on extremely efficient PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails (ROR) and the powerful suite of Amazon Web Services to build an intuitive web ecosystem.

  • Easily integrated APIs
  • Simplified data management
  • Processed large chunks of information

Development Process In order to develop this robust stock-market data-processing application, our team of developers leveraged a range of technologies. However, for using those technologies in the most efficient way, our team followed the following process.

  • Requirement gathering
  • Need analysis
  • Design and deployment
  • Testing

With the help of these steps, our team designed and implemented a fully functional web application that provided traders the most relevant information. This application had made trading better for many customers-cum-traders of the app.
Business Outcomes
This project, once designed, deployed, and tested, empowered the client to reap a number of benefits such an intuitive and fast application. The client experienced a number of measurable successes from this application.

These benefits enabled us to earn client trust and even make the possibility of future engagement bright and quite possible.

  • Created an interface that was responsive and quick
  • Created digestible chunks of stock information
  • Improved stock-specific decision-making
  • Enhanced information management
Client's Speak
Flexsin has been very professional with their clients and do work upto the mark. I highly recommend Flexsin with 5 stars.
Esteban Guerrero
Owner at Reditum, Quito, Ecuador
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