Rebuilding A Feature-Rich Mobile App Harnessing React Native That Elevated User Engagements Up To 64% For An Astro Consulting Firm

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Client Overview
Our client, one of the dominant players in the astrology space already had a functional application built on native technology, but they desired to maximize their applications best functionality. So, we, Flexsin Technologies, a renowned application development company in the digital landscape, advised them to capitalize on React Native features to rebuild their application to ensure a coherent, user-friendly application, that could streamline their operation functionalities. Thus, we developed a well-optimized and intuitive interface for the end-user to input birth details, such as date, time, and place, and produced extensive charts incorporating all the planets, nakshatras, and other astrological elements.
Business Needs
The client desired to consolidate their app code usage into a single hybrid technology. Thus, it envied adopting a framework, eliminating the process of managing two codes for two different platforms and fostering and publishing it in one hybrid technology, minimizing the maintenance and further development complexities involved.

Strategy & Solution
After a detailed and in-depth deliberation, we advised the client that React Native would be an ideal technology for transition. We utilized the existing code and implemented the entire application leveraging this technology, thus creating a single code base within the platform.

Our front-end developers advanced their core expertise in React Native to build an intuitive application, tailored to the specific requirements of the client. This framework was incorporated into JavaScript, and Facebook Login and AWS S3 Bucket API were integrated to assert that its navigation, celerity, and practicality were not compromised. Below are a few key highlights of the frontend project:

  • It generates a human design chart, gaining insights and personality traits via birth details provided by the user.
  • Users could save and share charts to their social media handles, thus enriching social networking.
  • The user enjoys hassle-free access to previous charts.
  • Displayed a book of lines based on the users' input.
  • The user could access their conscious and unconscious characteristics.
  • It precipitates a consonance chart between the two users.

To ensure seamless usage, we developed a robust backend. For this, we adopted backend frameworks for coherent usage during peak loads without hassle. It served as an instinctive API that could manage user charts, subscription plans, and further application settings.

Development Process:
We distributed the development process in a three-stage milestone-based strategy; every milestone was more focused on delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with core functionalities at each stage. A few of our predetermined ethics, such as cost efficiency, risk mitigation, innovation, and value creation, laid the foundation of our development approach. The development team at Flexsin and the client had multiple brainstorming sessions to develop a valued outcome.

Business Outcomes
With the successful launch of this intuitive application, our client was happily able to introduce a user-friendly, more optimal application, thus ensuring hassle-free functionality. With the launch of this interactive application, the client was able to encounter a drastic surge in userbase traffic entrusted to this application, thus elevating the user satisfaction rate.

  • Due to the improvised UI & intuitiveness, the client experienced a 64% rise in user engagement.
  • The client eliminated the expense of handling different codebases for Android and iOS mobile app development.
  • A tailored application helped the client improve interaction and navigation for end-users. React Native built app ensured speed and responsiveness surge up to 28%.
  • With a robust back-end, the client achieved growth in user data and subscriptions.
Client's Speak
Great team. Great participation. Thoroughly satisfied with the company's approach to solving complex situations and producing a great App! Thank you!
Chetan Parkyn
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