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Online Platform For Online Petition Filing & Document Management System

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Client Overview is a San Antonio, Texas business. The mission at is to help individuals complete and file their own Petition for Non-Disclosure or Petition for Expungement at an affordable price. allows you to look-up your case and sees if you are potentially eligible for an order of Non-Disclosure or an Expungement. Once you locate your case information, you can complete the petition, print it, and file it at the courthouse on your own. You don't need to pay thousands to a lawyer to get your record sealed or expunged.
Business Needs
Our client needed a website with user-friendly interface to make its law business live on online world. They want to streamline the process so that client can file for their own petition online in an easy and hassle free manner. The website contains all the documentation and provide easy and affordable for the client to file petition. Key business need includes:-

  • Clear and easy to use website
  • Allow to save files from DMS
  • Ensure security and safety of documentations
  • Increase collaboration and secure file sharing
  • Secure way to access files round the clock
Strategy & Solution
The Clients objective was very clear and to reflective the objective we had to move with better UI. To overcome all the challenges our development process ensured that the key elements are thoroughly examined and developed for ease of use and require minimal IT knowledge to get started.

The team was continuously researched to make the features compatible as per the desired frameworks and technologies. We focused the design on the user interface, and keeping in mind scalability and the addition of future modules.

Front-end Our designer team understands the prime needs of law firm document management system and creates every page with easy usability feature and ensures high-end performance of the website. While keeping the key needs of our client we designed a website with following features that includes:-

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Saving time by offering various features
  • Fast and safe way to share and download files
  • Equipped with advanced security feature
  • Clear navigation
  • High performance system

Backend Our developers have excellent programming skills and knowledge which they utilized in developing this system. As backend developers they closely worked with front-end engineers to ensure the system consistency and improve user experience. We worked on different aspects to achieve the functionalities like:-

  • Stored data in My-SQL server database
  • Stored electronic document to any type like PDF, word processing files, etc.
  • Restrict the access to files.
  • Retrieved the edited document
  • Controlling the deletion of documents

Development Process Our developers worked on different modules of the website and ensure its seamless working with high-end performance. We deeply analyzed every aspects of the system to make it robust and scalable.

  • Analyzed the client industry
  • Designed optimal workflow system
  • Installation and integration
  • Prototyping, interface design and performance check
  • Writing codes and algorithm
Business Outcomes
Our team was consistently monitored by the Project Manager to make this application delivered successfully to the client. By using the latest advancements in the system we were able to bring the website to the entire world and more importantly, reach the developing countries that need it most. The system provides benefits in terms of:-

  • Improving customer services
  • Automate the redundant process
  • Save the time of users
  • Enable to work from anywhere anytime
  • Save space and money
  • Keep all the legal documents at one safe place
Client's Speak
The team kept me on track and moving forward. If it were not for their diligence I would have never finished this project! Creative Team and Good work! Thanks Again.
Scott Stiles
Owner Alamo Mailing, San Antonio, USA
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