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Loan Set Automation provides medical supplies to the hospitals and healthcare facilities in the UAE on needs basis. The hospitals need not purchase expensive surgical and other equipment, especially if they do not need them on regular basis. Loan Set Automaton provides a viable alternative to such hospitals and doctors as they can rent the needed medical equipment for the time they need it from the Loan Set Automation, and then equipment are returned to Loan Set Automation for further bookings. The medical equipment can be booked by the hospital multiple times throughout the year, as and when needed.
  • Time Duration 04 Months
  • Team Effort 02 Persons
Business Needs
The client was already supplying various surgical instruments to the hospitals in UAE but all this was done manually with lot of paper work. The client wanted to automate the whole process to improve their response time, efficiency and speed for providing excellent experience to their customers, hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities.

The client needed the below features in their application:

  • Automaton of surgical and medical equipment booking
  • Hospitals to be notified of their confirmed/on hold booking
  • Details of the booking order to be provided to staff
  • Availability of the medical equipment to be confirmed
  • Hospital to be suggested of alternative dates if equipment already booked
  • Orders for emergency booking of equipment to be given utmost priority
We made use of the latest technologies and tools that were best suited for the client's application to bring out a custom solution for them that could meet their objective of providing efficiency to their business operations and minimizing the manual work. The solution blueprint was discussed with the client and we moved ahead accordingly on it.

Front-end The Front-end has to provide all the necessary information in a single window to the Loan Set Automaton staff, like the city where the hospital is located, the date and time for which the equipment were needed, and the estimated dispatch time. Front-end has to provide a summary of the order to the booking staff so that they could plan the booking accordingly.

We worked on the below technologies and aspects of front-end:

  • SharePoint online List and Library
  • Custom Forms for Equipment Booking
  • JQuery

Backend Backend was made robust so that it could serve the front-end with all the needed information as and when needed. Our developers ensured the backend platform was bug free and we did testing for the same before moving ahead with the front end features of the application.

We worked on the below aspects of the backend for Loan Set Automation

  • Share Point Online (Office 365)
  • Development specific to medical industry
  • Scalability capabilities as per business growth
  • Faster and speedier processing

Development process We employed agile methodology for the development process of the project. The client's inputs were sourced at each phase of the development process as we moved ahead with the project development in a phased manner. This ensured that we moved ahead in the right direction and corrective measures were taken in good time.

Key highlights of the development process:

  • Our developers worked on AWS for this project
  • Features integration as the changing project needs
  • Latest tools and techniques of industry for best outcomes
  • Debugging and testing before final launch to make it fault free

We were able to develop the application for the client as per their specific needs and business goals that they found to be highly useful.

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Flexsin staff was well equipped to incorporate the changes that we suggested to them that were not o..
Syed Husain
Saudi Arabia
The application development was done keeping in mind the business objective of the client – to automate their hospital equipment booking process for faster turnaround time for their customers. The needed functionalities were provided to the application, and it was submitted for client's reviews before launch. The client was satisfied with the performance of the application, as they were able to achieve the below success points with our successful endeavor:

  • Manual equipment booking, delivery and collection converted into automated one
  • New enhancement points implemented as required by the client
  • Hospitals can easily book equipment for surgery
  • Users can easily maintain management hierarchy
  • Faster order fulfilling and dispatch to the medical facility
  • Reduced cost of operations and improved ROI
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