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Insight-driven health made possible with a HIPPA-compliant mobile app

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Having a robust platform for streamlining the patient-doctor relationships to be more productive, the client has the vision to transform healthcare. The platform of the client allows patients to track their illnesses/diseases, accelerate their recovery, and fix their appointment with doctors by using the application. Along with this, patients can also add the event for each disease, get online consultation from doctors, and see the graphical presentation of their each symptom. On the other hand, the client's platform empowers doctors to access patient details, view the questions asked by them, check their appointments, and view the payment history from one dashboard.
  • Time Duration 10 Months
  • Team Effort 6 Persons
Business Needs
The client wanted to create an application that simplified the way patients track their disease symptoms. The app even enabled patients to view functional graphs that pictorially represented their disease symptoms. All in all, the client wanted an application that benefitted both patients and doctors by offering various features including:

  • Allowing patients to record their symptoms
  • Enabling patients to get the consultation without visiting clinics
  • Letting patients share their medical reports with doctor and family members
  • Booking and canceling doctor appointments with a few clicks
  • Messaging the doctor in a convenient and easy way
  • Helping doctors to scheduled appointments and answer patient questions.
Strategy & Solution
For taking the app idea from paper to the real world, the client collaborated with Flexsin's app development team. Once this application is deployed, the patient-doctor relationship will become more organized and streamlined. That is how the client aimed to improve the quality of care and treatment. Flexsin's team developed a user-friendly application that contains a set of tools for tracking the disease symptoms, scheduling appointments, showing a graphical representation of data, and managing other activities. We ensured that the application had a simple and elegant interface that patients and doctors can easily access.

Front-end While prioritizing the client's key app requirement, Flexsin's team has designed a scalable and powerful application that benefits the patients in creating a healthier tomorrow. To simplify and accelerate the interaction between patients and doctors, the developers created a highly functional and dynamic app. Some front-end highlights of the app are mentioned below.

  • Simplifying the sign-up or sign-in features
  • Viewing patient symptoms and disease
  • Listing doctors with their locations
  • Enabling push notifications and messaging
  • Simplifying the navigation across the app's UI
  • Adding functional graphical representation for symptoms

Backend Our developers made sure that application works well and provides correct data with all the necessary real-time information to both patients and doctors. To achieve the client's needs, our developers had used their hands-on expertise in the cloud and.NET development for delivering the app with robust backend features. Some backend highlights of the app include:

  • Deploying a robust database solution for safe data storage
  • Adding payment gateways for securing online transactions
  • Working on application testing

Development Process Flexsin team was completely involved in the development of the project including requirement analyses, design, development, integrating, and testing. Our team had used agile software development best practices for delivering a functional and an easy-to-operate application. This app was designed to strength the patient-doctor relationships. Our development process follows multiple steps:-

  • Researching on different aspects of the projects
  • Ensuring the deployment of a feature-packed healthcare ecosystem
  • Working on different project-completion strategies
  • Leveraging the latest technologies for completing the development process
  • Fulfilling QA and testing requirements

At the end we had successfully delivered the project to the client while meeting all the prime requirements.

Client's Feedback

The development team at Flexsin has exceeded my expectation. The team is very professional and has m..
Dr. Hillel Kashtan
Founder MDHealthTrak, Poquoson, USA
Business Outcomes
The completion of the engagement resulted in the development and deployment of a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine application. This application is for iOS and Android and has streamlined the patient-doctor interaction to the next level. The application has an intuitive UI that enables the app to improve the quality of care and treatment. Moreover, the doctors can also have many benefits, including managing appointments, by being on the client's web ecosystem. Once the app and the allied web ecosystem were deployed, the client reaped the following benefits:

  • Patients can now easily book and cancel their appointment by following simple steps
  • Messaging a doctor and asking relevant questions have become easy and convenient
  • Taking a second opinion from their preferred doctor is easier
  • Adding symptoms related to the disease has become simpler
  • Sharing medical reports and health history becomes simpler and faster
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