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Client MDHealthTrak wanted to offer a platform that would streamline the patient-doctor relationships to be more productive. The platform allows patients to track their illness/diseases recovery as well as fix their appointment with doctor by utilizing application. Along with this, patient can also add event for each disease, get online consultation from doctors and see the graphical presentation of their each symptom. On the other side, Doctors can access patient details, view the questions asked by patients, check the appointments and payment history.
  • Time Duration 10 Months
  • Team Effort 6 Persons
Business Needs
The client approaches us to design an application for tracking disease symptoms and need to generate complicated functional graphs according to the tracking system. They need an application that benefits patients and doctors by offering various features including:-

  • Allow patient to record their own symptoms according to diseases
  • Enable patients to get consultation without visiting clinics
  • Share patient medical report with doctor and family members
  • Booking and cancelling an appointment in few clicks
  • Message a doctor in convenient and easy way
  • Doctor can view scheduled appointments, patient's questions and other details.
The client needs an application that allows patients to establish relationship with professional doctors to get better treatment. Our team has developed the user-friendly application that contains a set of tools to track the disease symptoms, scheduling appointments, show graphical representation of data and manage other activities. We ensured that application had simple and elegant interface that patients and doctors can easily access and utilizes its features for better treatment solutions.

Front-end While keeping client's requirement on top priority, our team has designed a scalable and powerful application that really benefits the patients in creating a healthier tomorrow. To simplified and speed up the interaction between patients and doctors we had created a highly functional and dynamic app.

  • Easy sign in or Sign up interface
  • View patient symptoms and disease
  • List of doctors with location
  • Push Notifications And Messaging
  • Simple navigation and intuitive UI
  • Functional graphic representation for symptoms

Backend Our developers had ensured that application work well and provide correct data with all necessary real time information. To achieve clients need, our developers had utilized their expertise in cloud and .Net development to deliver the app with all the functionality features.

  • Android based application
  • Track Real time data of patient diseases and doctor advice
  • Easy to install and work properly
  • Worked on application testing
  • Save data in secured manner

Development Process Flexsin team was completely involved in development of the whole project including from requirement analysis, design, and development, integrating and testing. Our team had used agile software development practices to deliver most functional and easy to operate application to strength up the patients and doctors relationships. Our development process flow multiple steps:-

  • Research on different aspects of the projects
  • Ensure to design functional website with all features
  • Work on different strategies
  • Use latest technologies for development process
  • Fulfilled QA and testing requirements
  • Ensure flawless performance

At the end we had successfully delivered the project to the client while meeting all the prime requirements.

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Flexsin has been very professional throughout the project completion and always committed to work pr..
Dr. Hillel Kashtan
Founder MDHealthTrak, Poquoson, USA
The HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Application has successfully completed and utilized by our clients to enhance the patients and doctors experience. We are glad that our client is happy and satisfied with our services. The application has great UI interface that makes it easy to interact and efficiently work in helping patients to get better treatment. Moreover, doctors can also benefits by getting connected with their patients.

Other key features of HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Application include the below ones:

  • Patients can easily book and cancel their appointment by following simple steps
  • Messaging a doctor and ask relevant question become easy and convenient
  • Patients can easily take second opinion from their preferred doctor
  • Enable to add symptoms related to the diseases and get right advice
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