A CakePHP-Powered Survey Application Empowered Institutes To Record Student Inputs And Transform Learning Experiences

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Client Overview
As a trusted education software solution provider, the client wanted to make a survey portal that could be used by different educational institutes. Located in the US, the client operates a trusted survey site used by leading universities, colleges, and institutes to gauge the perception of their students. We teamed up with the client to develop its survey application on CakePHP. Once the web application was implemented, the client helped institutes improve their pedagogical structures and transform their learning cultures.
Business Needs
The client had the idea of making a robust survey tool that could be leveraged by institutes for understanding their students’ perceptions about colleges, course modules, and other topics. The web-based survey portal was supposed to be equipped with custom content and document management capabilities to make sure that the survey data could be presented in a graphical format. Some of the top needs that the client was planning to address with an engagement are given below.

  • Building a survey web portal that could record student inputs
  • Generating unique survey codes for every student-cum-participant
  • Enabling the portal to graphically present the student data
  • Including a built-in and extremely responsive questionnaire
  • Deploying fast-to-load survey forms for the students

Strategy & Solution
For building a robust education-based survey portal on the internet, the client trusted Flexsin’s web portal development expertise. Flexsin’s team of web developers leveraged open-source technologies such as CakePHP for making sure that the portal was robust and responsive at the same time. Flexsin’s web development team made sure that everything from initiating the survey to recording the student inputs and sharing them with universities was systematized. The entire web portal was designed in such a way that the students could anonymously complete the survey.

Even better, the web developers engineered the web-based survey portal to make sure that the students who left the survey halfway through should be able to complete it whenever they re-entered their ticket number. Also, the web portal was developed to make sure that the unique ticket number got deactivated once a student completed the survey.

Front-end The web-based survey portal was engineered to swiftly issue unique survey tickets for students. The swiftness in issuing the survey tickets helped in minimizing the wait time for students. Besides having the feature of anonymity to safeguard student identity, the portal included a responsive questionnaire. The responsiveness of the form helped complete the survey on different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Some highlights of the front-end are given below.

  • Accelerating the process of issuing survey tickets to students
  • Keeping the survey portal’s user interface clean and responsive
  • Minimizing the load time of the survey form so that latency never became an issue
  • Developing a chat interface to make sure that assistance was at hand

Backend For making sure that the educational survey portal came with a robust backend, Flexsin’s team of web developers used CakePHP. By using this open-source technology, the team made sure that the web project was dynamic and easy to get linked with a robust MySQL database. Other key highlights of the backend are given below.

  • Harnessing business intelligence capabilities to carry out complex calculations for accurately and graphically representing student data
  • Connecting the front-end with a robust database for safely storing student data
  • Simplifying the way constituent protocols regarding management and logging sessions are separated

Development Process Flexsin adopted an agile development methodology for accelerating project production from end to end. By embracing the agile methodology, the development got fast-tracked and the deliverables were given on time. Some of the highlights of the development process are mentioned below.

  • Gathering project requirements from the client
  • Setting delivery dates and building project milestones
  • Boosting the development and deployment speeds of the web project
  • Testing every deliverable before sending it for the final approval

Business Outcomes
Once the engagement came to an end, the client got a fully functional survey portal that was swift and accurately showed the data in a graphical format. Some of the benefits that the client reaped once the engagement was successfully finished are as follows.

  • The load times of the website was fast and consistent
  • On average, the portal held up to 20 surveys in the first week of its launch
  • The ROI from the portal had boosted the clients bottom line by 40 percent
  • The consistency of showing the data graphical representation was impeccable

Client's Speak
I am very happy with the final look and feel of the web-enabled survey portal. Flexsin’s team kept me abreast of everything that happened on the project. So, in terms of transparency and quality, the team at Flexsin is nearly unparalleled.
Steve Everett
Owner : Surveyticket, Gambrills, USA
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