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Recruitment 100 is one of the leaders in enabling recruitment agencies to contact hiring companies within a highly secured, stable environment. The client is creating a robust platform that will connect the best of talent-hirers with talent-recruiters in the shortest turnaround cost-effectively. The client's platform is already empowering businesses that are responsible for creating a powerful world of opportunities.
  • Time Duration 10 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
The client was working with out-of-date legacy systems and a fragmented architecture for connecting recruitment agencies with big corporate players. For that purpose, the client wanted to develop an end-to-end ecosystem that should have the right features including searching via recruitment agencies' directory without having to go through a lengthy registration process. Here are some of the resolutions that the client wanted from Flexsin.

  • Developing an optimized system
  • Creating a faster go-to-market strategy
  • Automating the entire infrastructure
  • Managing recruitment data in real time
  • Building a scalable ecosystem
  • Empowering adminsto manage flexibly
The client wanted Flexsin to be a trusted partner for building a portal where recruitment agencies could seamlessly create their accounts for finding opportunities posted by hiring companies. This platform was developed by deploying the latest front-end and backend technologies. Besides assisting recruitment companies to find newer opportunities, this ecosystem was planned to enable hiring companies in finding the right talent.

Front-end The client was required to use front-end technologies for improving the portal's agility and efficiency by a wide margin. Below are some of the results of implementing the front-end technology while developing this platform.

  • Enabling easier administration
  • Creating a responsive user interface
  • Responsive webpages
  • Redefining user experience

Backend With the help of a robust backend framework, the client ensured that the recruitment agencies and hiring companies could improve their productivity. Key highlights of deploying a robust backend for this project are as follows.

  • Simplifying operational complexities
  • Transformational data management
  • Next-gen strategies for boosting platform capabilities

Development Process For ensuring that the client's project was completed flexibly with high speed, our team of developers leveraged their capabilities by deploying a proven development process. The stages of this process are given below.

  • Gathering project requirements
  • Discussing solutions and remodeling processes
  • Designing and deploying the project code
  • Testing the code for usability
  • Running maintenance programs

The team even leveraged different agile processes for making sure that the project was implemented on time and budget. The process, once deployed, completely revolutionize the way the job market works day in, day out.

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Overall a very good experience. ..
Clemens Mielke
HR Generalist, United Arab Emirates
Once the project was deployed, the client strengthened its capabilities for transforming the entire job market of today. The client was able to reinvent the whole process of connecting a hiring company with the best talent available.

By adopting the new processes of improving the job market, the client created a phenomenal growth trajectory. Some other benefits that the client experienced from this engagement with Flexsin are listed below.

  • Automated processes by reducing human intervention
  • Built an ecosystem that was cost effective for every user
  • Modernized the way recruitment agencies and hiring companies work
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