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The client is a trusted lease management company that streamlined the way rents and property agreements are handled. For ramping up its data-protection endeavors, the client is building an extensive road map for embracing blockchain that will bring data security and data-access privilege to the fore.
  • Time Duration 08 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
The client needed a robust blockchain platform that would streamline corporate data sharing and ensure its privacy. The primary business need was to link real-world blockchain with the client's siloed data-centric business processes. This link would add a scalable layer of transparency to data accessibility, its sharing, and privacy. Core engagement needs included:

  • Building an HR module for administrative purposes
  • Creating user modules for manufacturers, suppliers, customers, and bankers
  • Generating critical insights for improving collaboration
  • Enabling user modules to seamlessly pass the information among themselves
  • Maintaining data privacy anytime, at all levels
  • Controlling data sharing
  • Inviting different partners and sharing desired information with them
The client brought us on board for incubating its blockchain-driven growth ideas on data sharing and privacy. We delivered a powerful BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) that could grow on scale. The BaaS was built on a dedicated modular blockchain framework that had different plug-and-play features.

Our team of four dedicated blockchain specialists used a decentralized storage framework for integrating a distributed ecosystem with the client's legacy processes. By migrating on blockchain, the client integrated from legacy to the next-gen distributed landscape seamlessly.

Front-end Since the blockchain-powered project needed a dedicated module for every category of users, we made it as intuitive as possible. The key highlights of the front-end expertise used in this project are mentioned below.

  • Building an easy-to-use control panel
  • Implementing blockchain elegantly
  • Deploying an intuitive user interface that is cross-browser adaptive
  • Leveraging plug-and-play components for improving time to market

Backend For building a strong operating ecosystem, we used a durable blockchain framework available on the market. Our backend included well-structured blockchain-enabled modules for tracking suppliers to transferring funds and creating new collaborations on the go. Core backend architecture was built on Hyperledger fabric because of the following reasons:

  • Having built-in permissions to decide which user sees what
  • Ensuring a faster throughput by maintaining a higher transactional speed
  • Complying with a variety of programming languages such as Node.JS
  • Maximizing resilience, flexibility, and confidentiality among user groups

Development Process For delivering a fully-fledged blockchain solution for the client, we followed a flexible development approach. This approach included the following points.

  • Deploying scalable blockchain smart contracts for eliminating third-party interactions
  • Maintaining a robust sense of trust among different peers through following Advanced Encryption Standards (AES)
  • Integrating crypto-backed algorithms built on AI, ML, and IoT

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

The team has good blockchain knowledge. Impressed and satisfied...

The project's deployment created a feature-rich blockchain landscape that was designed to help the client robustly protect its data assets. By using open-source blockchain solutions, we kept the project cost on track every time.

By implementing innovative blockchain solutions, we developed high-performance architecture for managing data flow and protecting data sets. Here are a few highlights of our engagement with the client.

  • Building a powerful distributed ledger for making sure data remains protected
  • Recording volumes on data using blockchain-powered frameworks
  • Making sure the consensus is faultlessly reached among different peers in the ecosystem
  • Creating a completely secure peer-to-peer environment
  • Assuring that sensitive data remains safe at all times
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