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FundingNest is a completely new way to invest and raise capital for real estate. Using the power of technology, FundingNest bring together investors and real-estate companies in one simple marketplace. By reducing costs and increasing efficiency, FundingNest helps investors to earn better returns and allow real estate companies to raise more money, faster. The website also provide online education forum on the crowd funding for those people who are conscious to know more about money laundering.
  • Time Duration 12 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
Our client requirement was to design such system that helps the investors in finding better government verified and safe property to invest. They required a crowd funding application to raise the funds by attracting investor's attention and providing great investment opportunities. The key requirements includes:-

  • Develop an intuitive and user-friendly system
  • High performance and quick search feature for property listing
  • Robust system to handle investment and anti-money laundering at same time
  • Provide safe and secure data transfer
We deployed dedicated team to provide timely reporting by an account manager, project manager, senior designer, HTML developer, senior developer, a business analyst and a testing engineer. We developed the application with rich social media features that grab more attention of real estate investors.

The users can registered and create their personal profiles to be the part of fundraising camping or look for different properties which they might be interested to invest in. The project was developed on three tier architecture that includes presentation layer, Business access layer and Data access layer.

Front-end We leveraged the innovative technologies to develop modern, scalable, and high-performing front-end that work on multiple browsers and devices.

  • Easy to use application with sign up
  • Functionality features to reward investors for encourage funding
  • High performance and easy navigation feature
  • Social media integration
  • List the properties with locations
  • Easy sign up process

Backend Our team utilized latest technology and smart architectural approach to develop a customer focused and easy to use real estate crowd funding platform. By using innovative technologies and great expertise, we have developed an effective and simple fundraising platform. We worked on:-

  • Business access layers which contain business logic and validation related to data
  • Used C# and to offer rich user interface
  • net for web application interface
  • Worked on business layers to connect the data

Development process Flexsin team was responsible for developing the full cycle module of the project. We assigned our qualified business analyst to work on in-depth elicitation and clarification of the projects. During the development process, we kept updated our customer with latest events and changes through email and calls. We focused on different aspects of the application like:-

  • Worked on application functionality scope and usage of specific features
  • Requirements gathering, analysis and systematization.
  • Excellence and functional accuracy of the application
  • Handled the emerging functionality issues and do needed configurations

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Flexsin Technologies exceeded my expectations. They assisted us in every step, and the experience wa..
Dr. Amir Baluch
Founder -, Texas, USA
The client highly appreciated us for providing an efficient and effective system within estimated time period. Our app development team not only offered high-end quality designing, development and development services but also delivered the state of the art application that opened the doors of growth for the client's business. The key benefits of system includes:-

  • Bring new opportunities for client to earn profits
  • Offer easy way to find verified properties in easy way
  • Enable to access higher yielding real estate deals
  • No hassle for property management
  • Bring the benefit of assets transparency
  • Allow investors to diversify their portfolio by investing in real estate world
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