20% Leads Increased For Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Company by Zoho CRM Implementation

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Client Overview
A well-known chemical and pharmaceutical company wanted to improve its lead-generation process. As a trusted chemical dealer in the pharmaceutical landscape, the client offers a range of services and products and has been serving local and global markets for over a decade. Despite its illustrious presence, the client suffered from an ineffective lead-generation process. The client was looking to overcome this challenge by adopting a CRM solution. As a digital engineering company and a technology consulting firm, we suggested the client go ahead with Zoho CRM to optimize its lead generation capability. Once our experts deployed the Zoho CRM solution, the client improved its lead generation process.

Business Needs
The client struggled with no digital process to manage leads. Because of that reason, the client missed out on a number of growth opportunities. The client, however, wanted to change this reality for the better. To that end, it was looking for a robust technology partnership that could improve outcomes. Here are some of the key challenges the client faced before bringing our experts on board.

  • Ineffective Technology Infrastructure: The client did not have a robust technology infrastructure, which led to ineffective customer data management.
  • Suboptimal Lead Scoring: The client's suboptimal lead scoring system was a major hindrance, which led to leads slipping through the cracks.
  • Lead Quality And Segmentation: As the client lacked precise lead segmentation and scoring guidelines, it faced difficulties developing an efficient lead scoring model.
  • Content Relevance And Conversion Rates: Maintaining content relevancy to a variety of lead segments while optimizing landing pages and delivering instructional content presented a problem.
  • No Feedback Collection: The absence of a robust feedback mechanism within the sales funnel presented difficulties in gathering useful customer information.
Strategy & Solution
Success in the quickly changing business environment depends on efficiently handling and converting leads. During our interaction with the client, we got to know about the major challenges that they were facing. Through our analyses, we discovered the client's key requirement was a robust and secure CRM solution. Once implemented, a solid CRM solution would help the client in lead capturing, nurturing, scoring, and conversion.

The client also shared with our team that its newly built CRM solution required having deal-nurturing capabilities, too. We offered a comprehensive set of solutions to meet these crucial functions. These options include creating a personalized lead scoring framework, using marketing automation technologies, improving landing pages, putting in place an integrated CRM system, and creating a clear sales funnel with feedback mechanisms.

And all this was made possible with the help of Zoho CRM modules. After doing a detailed project analysis, we zeroed in on Zoho because it could help improve lead management and conversion procedures by a wide margin. Here are the key steps that were part of the client's Zoho CRM implementation project.

Integrated CRM Systems

We put in place a thorough CRM system that can manage gathering leads from the website, social media accounts, and other online properties. With Zoho CRM modules deployed, the client's sales team was able to handle and track leads at several touchpoints. Moreover, the client also ensured a consolidated repository for all leads by automating the gathering and storing of lead data. In order to rank and categorize leads according to their potential, lead scoring rules and lead nurturing workflows were set up by our Zoho experts using the CRM.

Tools For Marketing Automation

We invested in marketing automation solutions for email notifications and lead nurturing. We used marketing automation tools and Zoho Flow to create workflows that helped sequence drip email campaigns, custom alerts, and lead nurturing programs. These technologies helped measure consumer interactions and facilitate lead engagement and communication for the client. With the help of the Zoho CRM deployment, the client could customize content (email marketing, etc.) based on the sales funnel's stage, where the lead was present.

Lead Evaluation And Eligibility Structure

Our Zoho experts created a lead scoring system based on the unique requirements of the client's business. We put into practice a lead scoring model that gave leads specific values according to their interactions, characteristics, and activities. By taking this step, the client's business identified high-potential leads for follow-ups that were prioritized, concentrating sales and marketing efforts on the prospects with the best chance of converting.

Enhancing Landing Pages

We also ensured that the client's landing pages were as lead-converting as possible. We shared our recommendations with the clients to make their websites better. We made the client's website better by setting up specific landing pages for various goods and services. Our team also included Zoho Forms on the pages/websites that collected strong leads. To increase conversion rates, we tested and analyzed these sites frequently. You could also use lead conversion settings to efficiently guide users toward becoming leads.

Analysis Of Sales Funnels And Feedback Loops

We also created procedures to build robust feedback loops that would facilitate deal nurturing. Our team suggested the client create a clear sales funnel with strong phases that would streamline lead conversions. Besides, we established a deal nurturing procedure that guaranteed a seamless lead-to-consumer conversion. In order to continuously enhance the sales process and customer experience, we incorporated feedback methods to collect insights from the client's customers.

Business Outcomes
Once the Zoho CRM was deployed, the client saw an uptick in conversion rates, confirming the success of our lead management efforts. Here are some of the top benefits the client reaped once our engagement came to a close.

  • Enhanced lead management and improved lead conversions
  • Performed key technology integration to encourage cultural adoption and improved lead quality by leaps and bounds
  • Ensured lead scoring was precise with the help of relevant content suggestions that the Zoho CRM module gave
  • Improved the effectiveness of the lead-to-customer conversion rates
Client's Speak
I am really happy with the outcomes that have been offered by the Zoho team at Flexsin. The tactics that were put into practice successfully tackled my main issues of improving my lead-gen efforts!

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