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Schools N More was founded in March 2011 with an objective to highlight the best of learning opportunities and to make them available for kids on a global and local scale in the offline and online world. This E-Learning application offers you a platform where you can find user friendly functionalities to search for over 8000 schools in the USA, India and Singapore, gain ability to search for over 3000 activities/classes, quality online learning resources and activities that have been reviewed/rated, articles and tips on education, curriculum choice and parenting.

  • Time Duration 06 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
The client wanted an app wherein students can find schools in various countries of the world and also gain access to valuable learning resources. They wanted advanced search and communication tools for parents and students to connect them on a single seamless interface.

The client wanted the functionalities in the app to prepare today's students for the careers of tomorrow by providing them access to best schools, information, resources, teachers, interactions and Q/A sessions. The wanted the app to provide:

  • Extensive and valuable content
  • Online courses for students
  • School information resources for parents
  • User analytics
  • Future ready skills
  • Interactive elements with chat
Client required easier, quicker and authentic application for the parents find schools across some metropolitan cities in India, USA, Singapore We provided a user friendly interface to display all the content and proper navigation to all the pages.

The project required a lot of information and research for developing better web pages equipped with details as per geographical categorization. Our designing and development team searched through various online schooling portals to understand missing appropriateness or incompleteness offered by the available applications.

Front-end The app was provided a user-friendly interface wherein parents and students can search from thousands of schools in various countries, and get information about their infrastructure, curriculum and faculties. It was meant to bring affordable technology education to students everywhere. Key features of the front-end include:

  • Personalized learning with mobile first approach
  • Collaboration among parents, students and teachers
  • Access to online learning material
  • Push notification and private messaging

Backend Our developers worked at the backend technology to provide the app the best of functionalities that they desired. We evaluated other learning apps to ensure that Schools N More had a robust backend for flawless performance for the users. Our backend had:

  • Powerful and supportive database
  • CakePHP and MySQL
  • PayPal standard payment solution
  • Future ready

Development process A dedicated team was set up to provide timely reporting by an account manager, project manager, senior designer, HTML developer, senior developer, and a testing analyst. An agile development process was used with an intense discovery phase. Major technologies included CakePHP, MySQL, etc were utilized in development. Our client was happy with the delivery and the outcome of the traffic over the website. Key features of our development process included:

  • Technology for seamless access and integration
  • Iterative approach to development
  • Functionalities to make learning fun
  • Progress reporting and feedback system

Throughout the development process, we communicated with the client to take their inputs all along. Our developers moved to the next phase of development after the previous one was achieved and approved by the client.

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Flexsin did good job. I found the team very easy to communicate with, and we continuously received o..
Yamini Pathak
Founder: School N More, USA
After few consultations and detailed look-up in the educational industry, our developers and designers provided an engaging portal that delivers efficient solutions to the queries asked. The website also required to add PayPal Standard Payment solutions as it allows shopping for books, toys and DVD. Today, the website caters wider audiences reaching entire potential global markets. It has become one of the platforms to promote itself as a great place for children to be educated. The app covers school details, school reviews and rankings based on Dept. of education assessments.

The application had user friendly features like online classes, learning store, school guide for India and US. Also, it has paid school search assistance packages which help parents shortlist the right schools for their kids and also facilitate the initial contact and meeting set up for admissions. Key highlights of our project development success story include the below ones:

  • Deliver quick information relevant to geographical locations.
  • Engaging application with extensive school details provided
  • Provides unique gateway to guide parents all across
  • School details, reviews and ranking based on multiple parameters
  • School guide, learning resource and a great place to be educated in a fun way
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