A Revamped Web Portal Increased Yearly Donations For One Of The Oldest NGOs In America

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Client Overview
One of the oldest NGOs in the US wanted to improve the user experience for its site visitors. Formed in 1946, the client is a leading community-based nonprofit with over 3,000 healthcare providers who help individuals living with stress and mental illness. We associated with the client to revamp its website and modernize its user experience. Our open-source developers chose WordPress as the new site CMS. Once revamped and deployed, the site added multilingual capabilities, streamlined and secured the donation experience, and increased annual donations.
Business Needs
The client wanted to revamp its current website. For design inspiration, the client had many websites of competitors in mind. On top of that, the client even had a new look that it wanted to incorporate into its website. Here are some engagement objectives that the client had in mind.

  • Unifying the look and feel of different webpages
  • Integrating multiple webpages, including the referral form page and the event calendar page
  • Providing the multi-language capability to the website
  • Adding a Donate Now button into the page to streamline donations
  • Bringing a Testimonial page on the front-end
Strategy & Solution
After meeting with many web development companies, the client zeroed in on our development team. It is because we are a trusted web development company, offering pathbreaking solutions from website design to revamp and end-to-end development. Initially, our open-source team and UI/UX developers collaborated with the client's business team to define the scope of the project. Then after finalizing the development methodology, our open-source team finalized on WordPress technology to revamp every page of the website. Since WordPress had custom theme development, we went ahead with this CMS only. Here is a detailed overview of the front-end, backend, and development process of our solution.

Our front-end team redesigned the user interface for every primary page. However, the redesigning was implemented only when the client gave the go-ahead. The redesign even helped streamline content discovery, all the while keeping the site functionality and features intact. Here are some of the highlights of the project's front-end.

  • Built a fully responsive and user-friendly mobile website
  • Integrated Google translator capabilities into the site
  • Created a drop-down menu to help users select a language
  • Made the website SEO-friendly
  • Redesigned the color scheme of the website to suit every age group
  • Improved the website's social presence by integrating it with different social media channels

We chose WordPress CMS owing to its user-friendliness whenever you are tying it with the backend of the website. Moreover, the website was so easy to link with the backend that it was never a hassle from the admin's point of view. Here are some key highlights that defined the project's backend.

  • Improved the versatility of the backend because of WordPress
  • Leveraged Elementor's page builder to accelerate the development time
  • Ensured that the admin never found it challenging to manage content units

Development Process:
We followed an agile work methodology for putting this project from paper to the real world. Our development team worked at close quarters with our UI and UX engineers to redesign and heavily customize the website. The custom theme development model, along with a UI resource design template, was finalized and then sent for the client's approval. Once the client gave the go-ahead, the team started WordPress integration. Besides, we even made the development process time-efficient by using Elementor. By using this specific WordPress website builder, we implemented the design into WordPress without resorting to HTML. Here are some key highlights of the development process.

  • We, along with the client's business team, kick-started project planning by organizing hour-long brainstorming sessions every day initially.
  • Secondly, we developed technology roadmaps where we broke down all the key features of the final product.
  • Our development team planned releases and focused on sprints or short development cycles. We did a high-level planning meeting at the start of every sprint session.
  • We also focused on sprint planning sessions where we confirmed the roles of every stakeholder.
  • Our development team and the client's business team organized daily stand-ups to ensure that we were on track for accomplishing short- and long-term development goals.
  • To foster a culture of open communication with the client-side stakeholders, we held regular sprint-review and sprint-retrospective meetings after every sprint. These meetings helped us gather feedback, which would help improve the final product.

Business Outcomes
Once the engagement was finished, the client got a revamped website that turned out to be a high-performing digital asset. And we got to build an association that went beyond the dotted lines of the contract. Here are some of the project highlights that the client reaped once the project was implemented.

  • Improved yearly donations by 56% by adding a performance-optimized Donate Now button
  • Ensured the donators never missed any upcoming calendar events by adding an event calendar page
  • Gave the donators the capability to refer a friend by adding a dedicated referral form
  • Rendered a consistent look and feel across the website, making it consistent with the client's brand values
  • Added a multi-language capability to the website to attract donators from all over the world
Client's Speak
Now that we have worked with Flexsin for so long, I do not see it as an outsourcing company - but as a technology partner. And not to mention, the development team at Flexsin is the best in business - especially when it comes to WordPress. Team Flexsin is highly recommended.

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