Developing A Powerful Real Estate E-Commerce Portal To Intuitively Display Properties In Houston

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Client Overview
Based in Texas, US, the client is one of the premium builders of luxury homes in the Houston area and its suburbs. Having the experience in homebuilding that spans almost three decades, the client has embraced new technologies for designing and building beautiful homes. These homes are designed to give the best value in terms of flexibility, functionality, design, and price. Overall, the homes designed by the client present the perfect balance between versatility and comfort.
Business Needs
The client wanted to build a digital presence for its business. For that reason, the client was looking forward to building a robust enterprise-grade real estate website. The client wanted an enterprise-class real estate website that could intuitively deliver digital experiences to homebuyers in Houston. Some key needs that the client was looking forward to realizing by developing a website were the following:

  • Building the most intuitive property display website on the market
  • Making sure the website had all the elements that make the site easy to navigate
  • Developing a visually appealing image-heavy website for attracting prospects
  • Maximizing business opportunities by creating a website that could bring in leads

Strategy & Solution
To build an appealing real estate enterprise-class website, the client teamed up with Flexsin's web developers. These developers at Flexsin had years of experience in building lead-gen websites and online brand presence for real estate businesses.

First and foremost, the biggest task was to build a highly intuitive and fast-loading website with too heavy images. Having an idea about the client's target audience, the real estate web development team created a feature-rich website that could handle different media formats including images and videos. The development team harnessed its Microsoft expertise for developing a feature-rich yet intuitive real estate website portal for the client.

Front-end For developing an intuitive user interface, Flexsin's team used the latest front-end technologies and most intuitive real estate design best practices. The easy-to-navigate design principle, followed by the front-end designers and developers, was evident on every webpage of the website. Key highlights of the websites' front-end are as follows.

  • Building a fast-to-load website even if it had multiple heavy property images
  • Designing a professional website template that could reflect the client's brand value
  • Making property listing easier for the homeowner and more engaging to interact with for homebuyers
  • Incorporating new add-ons and features that drive the engagement rate to the next level

    For building an intuitive website, the client knew it had to have a robust backend. For making a robust backend, the client leveraged the web development expertise of Flexsin. The backend experts at Flexsin harnessed its Microsoft know-how and used C#, ASP.NET, and IIS Web Server for building a reliable backend architecture. The backend work that Flexsin did for the client included the following highlights.

  • Developing a robust backend architecture logic for streamlining information flow
  • Integrating the website portal with a popular CMS for managing content management
  • Connecting the front-end with a leading database server for improving data management

Development Process The client trusted Flexsin's development process that was based on the agile methodology. Agile was the way forward for the development team right from preparing the interface to developing the web portal’s backend and testing the deliverables. Some of the key highlights that would sum up the overall development process are given below.

  • Scheduling sprint meetings with the client's business team for making sure the project requirements were clarified from the get-go
  • Developing the real estate web portal using the latest front-end and backend technologies while emphasizing on the Microsoft technology stack
  • Testing every deliverable multiple time for making sure that it fits all the quality parameters

Business Outcomes
Once the project was delivered, the client got a fully operational and highly intuitive real estate web portal. The portal was laden with features, but the presence of so many add-ons never bogged down the website's functionality and speed. Some other key benefits that the client experienced once the web project went live are listed below.

  • Delivering a fully optimized digital experience for homebuyers across Houston
  • Setting the website load times to an all-time low where webpages were taking less than 2 seconds
  • Highlighting property images and videos without affecting the load times
  • Expanding business reach and boosting the returns by nearly 40 percent

Client's Speak
I am seriously impressed with the way Flexsin delivered the project. Every project milestone that my team and Flexsin decided on was met as intended. So, if you want to design one of the most attractive and functional real estate websites, then Flexsin will be your technology partner of choice.

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