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Poparatti Magazine Builder

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Home > Portfolio > Poparatti Magazine Builder is an online powerful Magazine Builder tool where users can build their customized magazine according to their requirement. The tool offers various effects which can be implemented in the magazine at the time of development. Also, customers can shop for goodies and gifts for their loved ones online. The user interface is very easy to understand and gives ability to the customers to easily purchase goodies online.

  • Time Duration 05 Months
  • Team Effort 06 Persons
Business Needs
The client wanted to develop an application tool for the users wherein they could design their own magazine. They could have the look and feel of the magazine to reflect them and the story they wanted to tell others. The users could choose their own content, photos and other important aspects of their magazine that could make or break the finished look. The customers could also include guest interviews and advertise in their magazines. Keeping the above in mind, we worked on the below business needs of the clients:

  • Magazine builder for private issue
  • Sharing of personal story with readers
  • Full-fledged, wholly customized magazine
  • Valuable exposure for advertisers
  • Custom feature for Poparatti experience
  • Up front presentation with energetic designs
Strategy & Solution
Flexsin team worked to imbibe the desired functionality to the tool and website as we had to entertain millions of users at one time. So we made the database structure in a way so that it can handle multiple data insertion technique with same timestamp but with unique identity of the user.

This way, we were able to develop simple user interface for customers without confusing them. The interface was intuitive and elegant, thus encouraging customers to build their own Magazine.

Front-end With private issue, the users can bring their story to life in a very vivid, tangible and memorable way. Poparatti is a platform that allows the users to share in information they want with the people that would be presented in a real, relatable format. Poparatti is a logistical resource and a tangible celebration of one's important moments of life.

We provided the following front-end features for Poparatti users:

  • Custom Poparatti magazine for occasions
  • More inclusive than an album
  • Personalized look and feel
  • Lookbook with a witty approach

Backend We worked to process the data obtained from various sources that could be easily scaled for cloud based hosting services. Our developers worked on client side server scripting and network security configurations to provide a robust backend for Poparatti. We utilized server scripting languages to build client's application. We enabled smooth operation of the application with less upfront costs, with a goal to provide the below backend functionalities:

  • Powerful API visualization
  • Features and security
  • Team collaboration in custom tools
  • Fully connected backend

Development Process We worked on an agile software development methodology, working along cross-functional teams and simultaneously dealing with various areas like requirement analysis, design, coding and unit testing. Testing was integrated throughout the application development cycle, enabling inspection as the development process progressed. Instead of long project plans and status report, we collaborated around a task-board to discuss what was right for the project, prioritizing features to iteration planning and review sessions. Our development process priorities included:

  • Magazine builder tool and functionalities
  • General to specific responses
  • Technology used to address gap in functionality
  • Phased and structured development

We imbibed all the features and functionalities in the app that the client wanted, so that people could make use of the application to custom build their own magazine.

Client's Feedback

Flexsin is very professional towards their work, My project was unique and I was in doubt that can i..
Vanessa Fyfe
Lead Visionary, Poparatti Magazine, Florida, USA
Business Outcomes
The structure of Poparatti Magazine Builder Tool was complicated from a development perspective and there are many features which were highly associated with each other. As the project requirement was extremely complicated, we decided to develop the tool in Angular JS so that entire requirement can be met.

One of the major challenges was to develop the feature category where dynamic fields are associated with it. With our highly efficient team, we successfully completed the task within the given time lines and achieved the below objectives for the application users:

  • Send out personal copies in lieu of the traditional invitations and cards
  • Positioning of Paparatti magazine with outlining by experts
  • High quality, clean and crisp photos for maximized visual effects
  • Custom magazine created around the user's story and ideas
  • Self-expression through powerful visualizations and custom tools
  • Printed magazine with good quality paper and professionally created content
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