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The online gamine website offers mine craft skins wherein the participants can be as creative in their pixelated world. The online gaming platform helps kids to plan intensely and build some cool, big projects. The platform offers the community members easy contact and communication among each other and also participate in the gaming events. A newsletter is shared with all the registered members on the website regarding the upcoming events with President’s message and list of supporters.
  • Time Duration 12 Months
  • Team Effort 3 Persons
Business Needs
The client desired to make it easier for the users to design a mine craft skin for their favourite players easily. The users can choose either from the default Steve skin, or they can change or swap it when they get bored. The client wanted to offer the users easier option to create and customize their own mine craft skin. Clicking on a skin, the user should be able to get more options and details about it.

The client has the below specific business needs:

  • Separation of skins into various categories such as Movies, TV, Fantasy, Mob and Others
  • Provide the players option to spice up their gaming channel with minecraft animation
  • Users to have the option to either change the minecraft skin or download it to their computer
  • Players can start from scratch with a blank state or upload premade parts based on the texture location
  • Allowing players to make a mine craft skin based on the existing parts and skin
  • Plenty of skins options to download that do not require editing

Strategy & Solution
We started with the ideation of client’s online gaming website. It was important to create an engaging and inspiring story that could keep the players motivated to play. We identified the key platforms and chose an operating system that our most profitable players will use and prioritized that. A stunning design was created for the website to make the game addictive yet easy to play. A monetization strategy was worked out so that the client could recover their investment.

Front-end New gaming website frontend technologies were used to enhance the performance, speed and quality of the game. Modern publishing tools were used to publish and edit the gaming content from the website. The frontend interface was designed keeping the best of gaming themes in mind to provide the players an immersive experience. This was done by implementing the best of gaming site frontend technologies and practices.

  • Full-feature touchscreen and tablet support
  • Style design to manage content
  • Lot of elements to insert into the page
  • Support for emulators

Backend Backend frameworks were judged and selected based on the programing tool, language and interface. Backend API was protected from third-party attacks. Pre-configured tools helped in fast tracking backend development. We didn’t limit the backend to providing just the structure, architecture and a methodology to develop the application but also provide interoperable platforms that can handle the workload at scale.

Key features of our backend development:
  • Development of custom backend layers
  • Migration to cloud for accessing a suite of elastic services
  • Backend refactoring to improve the internal structure and peroformance
  • Data synchronization and API management
  • Tools of choice and mobile backend

Development Process Key performance metrics were observed to identify specific areas of improvement with the game to meet the demands of the increasing user base. Games were built for Android and iOS devices. Pre-production steps such as SRS document, technical design document and flow and wireframe doc were created for starting with the game development module. Gaming aspects such as background effects, game balancing & depth, visual effects and integration of all modules were duly taken care of. QA testing and support and maintenance services were extended to the client as part of the post-development phase.

  • Full screen API to immerse the players in the gaming action
  • HTML audio to easily play simple sound effects and music
  • Sensitive data access control such as file system for automatic permission or approval by the user
  • Powerful data storage API for keeping user data on their own device
  • SafetyNet libraries to protect the game against device tampering
  • Gamepad API to enhance the user’s gaming experience gamer controllers

The development process was carried out to align with the needs of the client. We ensured that the client was kept in loop of all the development activities, and modifications were done in the architecture as and when asked for.

Client's Feedback

Flexsin can really deliver outstanding results for the seemingly challenging outsourcing projects. I..
Gavin Tan
CTO, Singapore
Business Outcomes
The major focus was on displaying of images uploaded by users and administrator as the size was fixed and the users can upload images of any size. Cropping functionality was used so that images fit to the defined length and width without any distortion.

Our maintenance work and solution gave mine craft skins big boost in terms of SEO as we used all the keywords and updated all the meta tags right from the scratch in order to get fruitful results. Queries and code of the website were optimized for speedier booting. The client was able to get the get the below successful outcomes in the end:

  • Control to the client enabling them to update the game as and when they want
  • Management of customer relationships became easier
  • Marketability and disoverability of the client’s gaming website improved significantly
  • Increase in user engagement by 46%
  • Increase in membership and subscriptions by 27%
  • Access of analytics to the client to gather information about the sales and the game’s reach

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