Built An Intuitive E-Commerce Website To Help An Australian Automotive Enterprise Generate Opportunities

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Client Overview
The client deals in high-end quality products tha provide high performance of the battery as well as reduce other battery-related costs that come with vehicle and equipment which utilize a lead-acid battery. The client is recognized as a leader in the arena of stationary power and transportation battery to offer the best power solutions for different verticals of industrial applications.
Business Needs
The client required us to build a scalable and robust website for strong online presence of the business. They wanted their website to be well-designed and list the complete range of products with detailed information for their customers. The client needed a user-friendly interface so that users can easily browse the website to know about their products varieties as well as easily contact them for further enquiries.

  • Appealing and user-friendly interface
  • Enhance business market reach and profitability
  • Increase more inquires
  • Promote client products and tools to wider audiences
  • Display the product information with details to help users in choosing right quality product
  • Seamless working of the website

Strategy & Solution
Our expert UI/UX developers worked together and created the stunning responsive website with outstanding functionality features and appealing layout designs. The website has good performance level and seamlessly worked on different sizes of devices. We utilized the latest front-end scripting language including HTML/CSS and other design tools for seamlessly working of specific functionality features. The front-end of the website was made very attractive and user-friendly so that users can easily search the products and get complete information for it. Here are the features we were incorporated on the website:-

  • Interactive and user-friendly interface to stay the user for long time on the site
  • Zoom functionality feature so that users can get better understanding of the product
  • Website designed for all browsers and devices
  • Search engine optimized and code
  • High performance and easy navigation

Backend Our backend developers selected the best programing tools, language and interface for backend frameworks. The backend API was protected from third party attacks and stored the users data safely which is called for the inquiry purpose. We ensure the seamless working of every piece of website's functionality in the fastest way possible. In the backend process, we worked on different aspects that include:-

Key features of our backend development:

  • Use MSSQL database model to record the product information
  • Data synchronization and API management
  • Robust system for managing multiple enquires
  • Worked on accessibility and security compliance
  • CND (Content Delivery Network) was applied for optimization of loading speed

Development Process Before starting with development phase, we gathered the information for complete process includes planning, designs, development, and testing and project completion. We focused to maintain the integrity of the website and ensured that products were properly listed with detailed features and information. Our developers ensured that website was cross-browser compatible and worked on complete development lifecycle while focusing on coding and debugging.

  • Write clean code and algorithm for the development
  • Use latest technologies to enhance user experience
  • Build and deploy the application
  • Perform UI test to optimize performance

Business Outcomes
As we had to develop the site from scratch, we started with the deep analysis of the client business and its key requirements. We created digital strategies that efficiently worked in enhancing the client's business to a wider audience to increase the sales. Our engagement model was based on increasing inquires for the clients by developing responsive, well-informed and appealing website design. We focused in developing strong CMS with enriched content and graphic to impress the users.

We successfully developed the website to list all product range of the client business efficiently and enable them to enhance its reach to the wider audiences. We also worked on digital marketing strategies, as a result client get more inquires for products requirements and improved the sales. We were able to build their online presence on the target audiences that ultimate brought them huge profit for the business. With our endeavors, the client successfully achieve the below outcomes:-

  • Increase revenue generation by getting more clients
  • Overcome geographical limitation by opening online doors for the business
  • Attract new users with search engine visibility feature
  • Keep the client business open for round the clock

Client's Speak
Flexsin has done outstanding work and delivered the project within the timeline. I am glad that I found you and finally completed my project without any delay. It’s a nice experience to work with you and I really appreciated your work and outstanding customer support services.
Alex Chinnick
Upper Sturt, SA
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