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An Ecommerce Portal with Elegant UI, Robust CMS & Enhanced User Experience

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The client has an ecommerce and retail platform, which allows users to shop for the best quality home or office furniture at reasonable price with some guarantee.The shopping web portal has various categories of home or office furniture that users can select and purchase as per their preferences, budget and manufacturers.The ecommerce and retail platform also allows users to search and filter their choice, using specific keyword in the given search module. Besides, it also allows them to add their preferred furniture products to cart and purchase it later.
  • Time Duration 3 Months
  • Team Effort 2 Persons
Business Needs
The client was looking to design and develop an intuitive and user friendly ecommerce website, with an elegant user-interface, stunning yet scalable design, and a robust CMS to help manage pages, products details, users' profiles, and other available content. The ecommerce web portal shouldn’t only allow users to have a hassle-free shopping experience but also help them select and view the detailed information about the furniture that it is looking to purchase. Some major highlights of the client project can be summarized in the following ways:

  • Building an ecommerce website with scalable design
  • Integrating payment gateway & shopping cart
  • Creating enhanced user experience
  • Enabling secure data transfer
  • Enhancing search module
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast page load time
  • Robust CMS
  • Elegant UI

Strategy & Solution
The client approached Flexsin to harness its team expertise. After thoroughly analyzing the client's requirements, we assigned a team of designers to look after the front-end aspects, whereas to take care of the backend; we assigned it to the developers who were experienced and expert in working on this type of website.To help the client with best ecommerce platform, our developers used PHP/MYSQL, Zend Cart, AJAX, Joomla, XHTML technologies and the most efficient development software, considering the client’s requirements and demands. Leveraging the best possible technologies, methodologies and CMS, we were able to deliver the client a user-friendly, responsive ecommerce portal with elegant UI, robust CMS, fast load time, scalable design, etc., based on the client needs.

Front-end The platform was delivered with all the functionality taking into account the current trends and future prospects. Our design architects put their best efforts to build a feature-rich ecommerce portal with unique design as per the client's needs.The few key features that client required us to add during the front-end process are.

  • Elegant website design with all UX & UI elements
  • Feature to add high resolution product image
  • High performance with fast speed
  • Attractive visual design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Scalability

Backend Our team of backend developers harnessed the required technology frameworks to develop this institutive ecommerce ecosystem. As the website was to be loaded with a bulk of users and products data we optimized the website loading speed.With properly planned strategies, we offered the following solutions to the end users:

  • Safe and secure payment gateway integration
  • A comfortable and efficient way to search
  • Website loading speed optimization
  • An easy to use search module
  • Product management module
  • Product filtering feature
  • And more

Development process Following the desired frameworks and technologies such as PHP/MYSQL, Zend Cart, AJAX, Joomla, XHTML, we succeeded in building a robust and scalable ecommerce portal that would give an amazing shopping experience to users.The agile methodology we adopted and followed to develop the shopping portal are:

  • Comprehensive analysis of client's business needs and its objectives
  • Executing the collected information, as per the methodology
  • Finalizing what technology to use to develop it
  • Website design prototype and deployment
  • Front-end and backend processes
  • Testing compatibility issues
  • And more

Client's Feedback

“Marvelous!” It was really a wonderful experience working with Flexsin, will hire again..
Maryland Heights, US
Business Outcomes
Leveraging the desired technologies and frameworks, our design and development architects succeeded in developing an intuitive and user-friendly system. The ecommerce website now offers efficient search results for users searching for their preferred furniture. The system has high performance and speed so it can easily support multiple networks of users at a time.
Besides, it also has a heavy and enhanced search module with efficient search results and allows users to search for the product based on the product name, price range, brand etc. To simplify payment process, the ecommerce website was also integrated with an easy to use payment gateway as well as shopping cart to add and purchase later.
Overall, Flexsin team successfully completed the project from development to testing
  • An intuitive ecommerce platform to help users enjoy shopping for the best quality home or office furniture at reasonable price with some guarantee
  • Allow users to select and view the detailed information about the selected product(s) with its brand, price, product description etc.
  • A robust CMS to manage contents, pages and gallery
  • Payment gateway & shopping cart integration
  • Augmented search module
  • Enhanced user experience
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast page load time
  • Robust CMS
  • Elegant UI

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