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Aussie Digital is an Eco-system that cover top of the line cryptocurrency exchange, E-commerce platform, social media platform for advertisement and many other ground breaking services for its users. They are currently working on their E-commerce platform that works like powerful Amazon-like store builders and equipped with various digital marketing tools, B2B trading platform along with other multiple services based on blockchain technology. This platform will gives an opportunity to utilize cryptocurrency for online shopping and open the doors of international market for small retailers and manufacturers. They offer loyalty programs and rewards benefits to the members who participate in Aussie Digital Eco-system. The eco-system also has its own coin AUDcoin which will use to avail eco-system services as well as can convert into cash or other leading crypto currencies.
  • Time Duration 03 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
The client come to us for developing its complete project that contain different platform including e-commerce platform, trading exchanging, social media platform and other services. We are currently working on its E-commerce platform that allows its members to participate and gain rewards through loyalty program in the form of AUDcoin. They also need a safe and secure integrated payment gateway for crypto payments. The prime needs of the project covers:-

  • Create a E-commerce with cryptocurrency payment option
  • Feature of converting AUDcoins with other cryptocurrencies
  • Safe and convenient way of online payment
  • Developing a social media platform for communication
  • Development of trading exchange
  • Create new digital currency
Strategy & Solution
We have divided this project in different segments and working on it. Our Blockchain Application developmental team put their best efforts to carve a unique design and development to meet the client expectation. We are striving hard to develop a robust web portal based on safe and secure blockchain technology and come closer to delivering the perfect user experience.

Our experienced developers make use of industry best practices to deliver the project with advanced functionality features. We are also planning to start public ICO rounds to raise funds. Also, we have designed a roadmap so that customers can have insight into how they are going to be beneficial.

Front-end Client requires a platform which brings people together and allows them to shop online in fun manner. During designing and development phase we are facing challenges to create a web portal with so many modules/ functionalities. Our dedicated UI designers are using different designing tools like Photoshop, etc. to make the website look more attractive and robust. The prime features of our font end application includes:-

  • Interactive Interface
  • Easy to use check out process
  • Multiple payment options including crypto currency
  • Robust and scalable
  • Promotion and discount code tools
  • Clear Navigation

Backend The project is very huge and contains lots of modules where our team needs to put extra efforts to get productive results. We use blockchain technology as services that offer creative way to write smart contracts and provide productive as well as cost-effective enterprise solution.

  • HTML and CSS are used in each section of the website
  • CakePHP/MySQL is used for database
  • Provide exquisitely robust portal solutions
  • Use of blockchain technology for writing smart contracts

Development Process Flexsin team is dedicatedly working on structuring its online platform with clear navigation, high features and other functionalities. Our development team decides to use Ethereum ERC20 protocol for writing two different smart contracts in which one is for creating new digital token "AUDcoin" and another is Digi coin which will be used for transaction fees. MetaMask as a testing environment for testing Ethereum blockchain

  • Work on Ethereum ERC20 protocol.
  • Creation of AUDcoin
  • Design algorithm and strategies
  • Truffle tool use for deploy and run tests.

Client's Feedback

Excellent Team! Very quick and always available, I would hire again for sure!..
Peter Edyvean
Brisbane, Australia
Business Outcomes
Our team is capable of dealing with each of these challenges and will deliver the project as per client requirements within given time frame. Currently we working on its different e-commerce platform modules and soon complete this project with all functionalities to enhance the online shopping experience for retailers and buyers. The projects will provide various features that prove beneficial in different ways:-

  • It will revamp the e-commerce industry by allowing the use of crypto currency for shopping
  • Enable small retailers and manufactures to enhance their reach to global market
  • Cost less transaction fees and provide various benefits to make your store online in its platform
  • Allow to add community on its social media app to promote products, service or making new contacts
  • Provide great incentives and reward points to its online shopper
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