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Elite Player Portal (EPP) for Athletes Recruitment
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Project Overview

Every sport, game and athlete is unique with its own advantages and challenges.Sport-11 project is developed to provide an easy and cost saving way to recruit athletes across the globe. It has its own Elite Player Portal, where an athlete can register themselves by just paying a small registration fee. The main goal of this project is to provide at least one opportunity to every interested player. Sport-11 brings players from all sports categories on a common platform where they can mingle with other sportspersons and register to participate in various sports activities to hone their skills and show their caliber to the world. Key features of the website are: • Online registration for various sport events • Easy online payment system • Money back guarantee • Opportunity to participate in various categories With Sport-11 online sports management system, players will have more time to play and will never miss out on a sporting event. From front desk to back-end, Sport-11 delivers the tools and functionalities that facilitate engaging experience for the participants. Sport-11 is designed with a motto to increase the athletic participation around the world. The app is developed keeping each individual sport in mind with custom features to achieve the specific training goals of the interested athletes.

Project Challenge

We faced various challenges in the development process as well in the design phase. The biggest challenge was to manage the Registration process for various sports as per their particular category. It was crucial that the registration is done in a secure manner so that there are no duplicate entries and no confusion about a particular sports event and participants. Once the registration is confirmed, the user can have access to all the relevant data related to the sports event. Our developers looked at the challenge from a fresh perspective. It was vital to define user access level and privileges. A fair amount of expertise and knowledge is required to ensure that project implementation is run smoothly and level controls are addressed correctly. It is common to find bugs during testing, and fix them on the go as isolating a single issue is quite difficult for the developers and testers. Quality testing and bug fixing further need numerous software testing iterations. Our expert software developers carried out multiple iterative software testing, fixing bugs in each iteration to ensure that the final outcome met the intended outcome. Testing phase before the product launch is critical to avoid additional rework and customer dissatisfaction.

The Endeavor

The team continuously researched to make the features compatible as per the desired frameworks and technologies. The first draft of the UI was minimal with finite number of functions. As the project development work progressed, our developers designed the structure of the Sport-11 app with a view to keep the front-end and back-end panels separate but integrated for smooth functioning. The most important functions were mapped for display on the dashboard. While the UI developers built the website, our user experience (UX) people worked to achieve the experience that the client wanted the users to live. The dashboard had critical performance metrics consolidated at one place to keep the user constantly updated on the information most useful to them. The website was produced a very elegant user interface (UI). Our design team did their best efforts to carve a unique design which was in line with the client’s expectations. The UI was further enriched with delighting elements that provide and enticing experience to the users. It has a fully-fledged functional Admin Panel that helps website administrators to edit/delete the content as per the requirement of the business in a seamless manner. Back end is easy to understand and work on, and can be accessed with authorised user credentials only.

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