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Client Overview
Our client is a Central Florida-based leading shell contractor and construction services provider. They design custom homes, single-family and multi-family communities and light commercial structures for those who want to realize their vision and achieve their goals. The client offers the highest quality concrete, masonry and framing services to builders and developers in Florida and Southeast region.
Business Needs
The client was looking to design and develop a user-friendly, responsive website with scalable design and hurdle-free UI. He wanted us to incorporate the website with the following features and elements:

  • Elegant UI with easy accessibility anytime, anytime
  • Attractive and scalable website design
  • Simple yet fast shell selling process
  • Contact Us form functionality
  • Seamless user experience
  • Attractive logo design

Strategy & Solution
The website was constructed harnessing technologies such as HTML and CSS2 on Web 2.0. Using the agile methodologies and frameworks, we came up with an attractively designed website with all the key elements required such as attractive logo, elegant UI, scalability, usability, Contact Us Form functionality and more.

Front-end Our dedicated team of front-end designers and developers succeeded in building an interactive web design with a unique and feature-rich platform, based on the client's needs. Its front-end was created with the incorporation of all major functionalities including the below ones:

  • Matching logo design
  • Elegantly designed UI
  • Design scalability
  • Perfect usability

Backend Our open source developers (PHP/SQL) worked on the project and integrated industry's best practices to solve its development challenges. With proper planning, frame applicable online strategies, Flexsin’s backend team developed a robust, simple, fast and easily accessible platform with the following features:

  • HTML and CSS2 on Web 2.0 technologies
  • Website URL Change
  • Agile methodologies
  • Responsive portal
  • Contact Us Form

Development Process The team at Flexsin made sure that the development process remained transparent and the client was updated after the completion of every milestone. We put to use an extremely agile development process to accommodate any last-minute upgrades without disturbing the production chain. Some of the major highlights of the entire development process of this website are provided below.

  • Leveraging new work modules to accelerate the delivery process
  • Regularly conducting sprint meetings with the client
  • Constantly checking the quality of the deliverables
  • Managing any on-the-fly development upgrades
  • Making the workflow transparent and fast

Our designers and developers worked well to meet client's needs. We assigned our dedicated open source developers (PHP/SQL) for this project.

Right from the very beginning of this custom web development project, every team member was aware of the project's specifications and requirements.

Business Outcomes
As a result of our best efforts, we succeeded in redesigning and developing a robust and easy-to-use website design with all required elements and color schemes.

Accepting all the design and development challenges, we were able to deliver the client’s project with all required modifications within the desired time period.

  • An attractive website with elegant UI and scalable design
  • HTML and CSS2 on Web 2.0 technologies
  • Contact Us Form functionality
  • Impeccable user experience
  • Website URL Change
  • Agile methodologies
  • Catchy logo design
  • Responsive portal
  • Contact Us Form

Client's Speak
It was really an amazing experience working with Flexsin, and its team is really fantastic.
Akcel Construction
Maitland Center Commons Blvd Maitland
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