A Travel Web Portal Created On WordPress With Zoho CRM Helped In Capturing Free Quotes And Automating Lead Management

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Client Overview
A travel and tour organization needed to transform how travelers would improve their journeys. Being part of a growing US$433.2 billion travel industry, the client offers end-to-end services and products that enrich the traveling experience. As a technology partner, we helped the client use WordPress, RESTful APIs, and Zoho CRM to create a secure, fast, and scalable digital product. Once deployed, the travel web application streamlined the processes of generating free travel quotes, finding travel insurance, personalizing packages, and embarking on new journeys.
Business Needs
The top priority for the client was offering well-crafted experiences that would match the requirements of even the most demanding travelers. The client wanted to associate with a development partner that would help travelers personalize their packages and gain access to the best deals at astonishing speed. The needs that prompted the client to start this engagement are listed below.

  • Crafting a stunning experience that would improve how travelers designed their journeys
  • Focusing on building strong relationships with customers and expanding the client base
  • Minimizing the time taken to share a free travel quote with travelers
Strategy & Solution
The client required a full-cycle development company that would design its website and would improve visitor engagement. After partnering with the client, we came up with two project requirements: designing and developing a travel web application and integrating it with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. After the discovery session, we finalized WordPress as the content management system (CMS) on which we would build the travel portal. For the CMS, we finalized Zoho CRM. We chose WordPress to build the travel website only because it offers an incredible level of flexibility to add visuals and customize content.

For managing site visitors well, we zeroed in on Zoho CRM. We went ahead with this CRM solution because we wanted to maximize the value of audience engagement. By integrating this CRM into the travel portal, we helped the site visitors inquire about the cruises, packages, and flights easily and quickly. We even did Zoho CRM customization to enable the site admin to capture the travelerss quotes. To increase the returns from every Google Ads campaign the client was running, we integrated Google Click Identifier (GCLID) with the Zoho CRM using a RESTful API.


Our WordPress developers ensured the themes to be used on the travel portal should mimic the brand of the client. Since the tour and travel operator was particular about showcasing its brand image online, selecting a prebuilt theme would not do. So, our developers had to customize a theme that would present the client's brand online well. Our team A/B tested many quote-capturing forms before finalizing the one with the potential to draw maximum quotes from the site's visitors. Some of the key highlights of the travel portal's front-end are given below.

  • Created an intuitive account interface for the users to view all the key details of the trip they designed
  • Streamlined how a site visitor raises a ticket and schedules a meeting with the support staff
  • Empowered the visitors to personalize their travel packages by offering them a list of features and amenities they could add or remove


The backend involved integrating Zoho CRM with the travel portal. Moreover, we augmented Zoho CRM functionalities by developing and deploying a RESTful API that could capture quotes from the quote form. To improve the Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) for the client, our team developed a RESTful API that captured the GCLID from each ad campaign running on the website. Here are some of the highlights of the backend work we did for the client.

  • Integrated the client's travel portal with a leading travel insurance provider
  • Centralized all the customer data with the help of Zoho CRM
  • Automated lead management workflows within the CRM solution
  • Ensured an email notification was sent to the client's sales team whenever the status of a lead changed

Our Development Process

As a team, we always believe that agile work methodology is rewriting the future of project delivery. That is why we have reconfirmed the tenets of agile methodology best practices while delivering this project. Some of the key highlights of the development process we followed right from the start of the project to its completion are given below.

  • Understood the project scope and defined the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders involved in the delivery life cycle
  • Ensured WordPress development and Zoho CRM integration were done properly and within the defined time frame
  • Tested the deliverables before sending them to the client's team for receiving final approval
  • Extended post-deployment support, including admin training, to the client
Business Outcomes
The travel portal was integrated with Zoho CRM and went live within the defined time frame. With going live, the portal was ready to drive customer success from the very first day. From receiving a large quantity of traffic to getting a sizable amount of sign-ups, the portal improved the client's bottom line. Here are some of the key benefits the client received once the travel web portal was deployed.

  • Increased the number of site visitors significantly just within the first few weeks of the portal's launch
  • Reduced any instances of lead leakages by designing a quote-capture form and integrating it into Zoho CRM
  • Improved the engagement outcomes of the prospects by automating lead management workflows, including emailing follow-up messages
  • Minimized the time taken for visitors to find a travel insurance plan by integrating the site with a leading insurance provider
  • Accelerated the resolution time for site visitors by simplifying how they connected with the client's support staff
  • Boosted the ROAS of every ad campaign by building and following a proper optimization road map
  • Simplified the process of gaining access to client data with the help of a centralized data repository
Client's Speak
I am stunned at the speed with which the team at Flexsin has delivered my travel web portal. The best part? These folks are not just into web development but even into Zoho implementation. Much recommended!

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