A Metaverse-Powered Virtual Store On Ethereum Delivers Stunning And Secure Shopping Experiences

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Client Overview
An e-commerce company required a metaverse store that modernized digital commerce, making it intuitive, interactive, and outcome-driven. The client metaverse store helps turn e-commerce solutions into digital experiences enabled by AR, VR, AI, and deep computing capabilities. As a metaverse development partner for the client, we used our 3D modelling expertise to craft a decentralized metaverse store on the Ethereum blockchain and wrote smart contracts on Solidity. Once implemented, the metaverse store made shopping experiences more secure, engaging, and immersive.
Business Needs
The client required a team of metaverse developers to help realize the vision of creating a metaverse supermart. Being a superstore inside a metaverse, the client had different needs in mind. First of all, the client wanted its metaverse to redefine shopping experiences and improve outcomes. Here are some of the most common business requirements the client had in mind before embarking on the project with a trusted technology partner.

  • Enabling visitors-cum-shoppers to tour the store completely
  • Letting shoppers interact with a store's elements virtually
  • Allowing shopper to create their own avatars
  • Streamlining how buying and shopping work
  • Establishing strong data security standards across the metaverse
Strategy & Solution
The client needed a trusted metaverse development company to help it with setting up its unique superstore from scratch. Our team of metaverse developers outlined the basic project workflow in the discovery meeting. We leveraged our deep expertise in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), blockchain, and cloud to come up with a metaverse-enabled store that offers unique shopping experiences consistently. Our web application developers worked in close coordination with our metaverse experts to create a store application. Besides, our metaverse developers worked with our AR and VR specialists to use 3D modeling for building different branded stores and the metaverse at large. We incorporated multiple elements into the client's metaverse to let users interact with different stores present in the virtual world. Here are some of the key highlights of the project that helped us deliver a metaverse supermart that fits every single requirement the client listed.


The client was particular about the look and feel of the store. After all, the store's user interface is the first thing visitors would see and interact with when they enter any metaverse. Our frontend experts understood the client's requirements, ran a feasibility check on those requirements, and then proceeded with creating an interactive user interface. Here are some of the highlights of the project's frontend.

  • Enabled the users to chat with shop owners, sales personnel, and other visitors
  • Let the visitors create and customize their avatars easily
  • Helped the users go from one store to another inside the metaverse without changing their avatars
  • Leveraged 3D modeling capabilities to model the metaverse and its different characters
  • Allowed the users to purchase any item they like from the metaverse with no hassles
  • Made the metaverse application intuitive and responsive for devices belonging to different operating systems
  • Included in-metaverse gaming capabilities to improve the engagement rate of store visitors


Just like the way the frontend of any metaverse project has to be intuitive, the backend is equally important as well. The backend of this metaverse project included our developers taking care of smart contracts, blockchains, and other hosting responsibilities. Here are some of the most notable characteristics of the backend of the metaverse superstore we developed.

  • Used Photon as the game engine for providing the metaverse with gaming capabilities
  • Developed in-metaverse games using Unity
  • Hosted the metaverse on Amazon S3
  • Developed APIs in the metaverse using lambda functions
  • Leveraged the serverless architecture for APIs
  • Stored data using Amazon DynamoDB
  • Integrated MetaMask wallets into the metaverse
  • Created the virtual supermart on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Wrote multiple smart contracts using Solidity
  • Chat features across the metaverse were powered using Photon

Development Process

Any project's development and execution have always been integral for us. It is because these phases determine the success rate of any project. To that end, we were careful in using the agile methodologies to build this project from the ground up. We relied on the scrum framework for executing the project. Moreover, we set the sprint duration to two weeks and made sure every scrum ceremony took place on time. Here are some key steps that were part of our overall development process.

  • Detailed and understood the project requirements during the discovery phase
  • Set realistic delivery timelines and planned different sprint schedules
  • Shared detailed delivery schedules and project milestones with the client for final approval
  • Developed the metaverse and its intuitive elements from the ground up
  • Tested the deliverables against different quality parameters before sending them to the client
  • Shared the deliverables with the client as per the decided schedule
Business Outcomes
In the end, the client was happy with the metaverse application we designed and developed for the client. When the application was rolled out, the client received a sizable amount of traffic, including many sign-ups from shoppers and gamers. Here are some of the benefits the client experienced as soon as this metaverse shopping store was deployed.

  • Received heavy traffic within the first week of the application getting deployed
  • Delivered high-level and consistent intuitiveness across the metaverse, regardless of the operating system and device in question
  • Ensured that the shopping and gaming experiences across the metaverse were as seamless as possible
  • Made sure that every interaction happening across the metaverse was more secure, faster, and smoother
Client's Speak
My metaverse vision was crystal-clear, but none of my previous tech partners could really absorb it. But then Flexsin entered the picture. And finally my metaverse vision was put from a whiteboard to the real world. I like how my metaverse supermart looks and works.
Owner, MetaSuperStore
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