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Flexsin Is Now A Partner In North America

Mar 21,2022
Flexsin is proud to become a Partner with in North America. This partnership will empower Flexsin to contribute to the success of its growing roster of nonprofit clients. Flexsin's deep expertise in implementing, integrating, and deploying Nonprofit Cloud and Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) has helped it become a Partner in the region.

Nonprofit Cloud is an integrated CRM to help nonprofits grow and quantify their impacts from anywhere in the world. Flexsin has leveraged Nonprofit Cloud to help nonprofits improve the outcomes for their fundraising, marketing, and other programs.

Besides helping NGOs maximize the impact from Nonprofit Cloud, Flexsin even has deep expertise in using NPSP - the core nonprofit technology that powers Nonprofit Cloud. Thanks to NPSP, Nonprofit Cloud gets most of its game-changing fundraising and engagement features. Moreover, NPSP makes it easier for NGOs to use Salesforce for managing their fundraising initiatives effectively. NPSP packages have helped countless NGOs to manage different business processes - recurring donations, relationships, affiliations, contacts, etc. The best part is that NPSP is free to download from Salesforce AppExchange and is built for the nonprofit community only.

Thanks to its NPSP and Nonprofit Cloud know-how, Flexsin has helped many NGOs accelerate the pace of social change and execute big-ticket educational reforms at an incredible velocity. Most importantly, Flexsin understands the passion that fuels nonprofits - and it stays committed to helping them promote their cause with the right Salesforce tools. Flexsin's Salesforce consultants have the technical and nonprofit expertise to help nonprofits waste less time in managing data and invest more time in making the world a better place.

Owing to these reasons, Flexisn has risen as a Partner in North America.

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