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Flexsin Incorporates New US Operations Center In Dallas, Texas For Accelerating Digital Transformation For Enterprises

Sep 14,2015
September 14, 2015 - Dallas, Texas, US: Flexsin today announced the establishment of its US operations center in Dallas, Texas, for tapping US business opportunities and accelerating the digital transformation of global enterprises. The new operations setup is located in the uptown area of Dallas for acquiring businesses and building strategic corporate partnerships.

Flexsin was planning to open a new operations center for the last three years and unveiled an operations center in Texas. The decision to move to Texas was strategic because the state is the biggest US metropolis with the highest ratio for growth.

With the new facility, the company has set its strategic growth priorities by creating innovation and collaboration at the center of its operations. The investment in the new establishment represents Flexsin's continued commitment to serving the growing American market with evolving business models.

By expanding operations in the US, the company aims to become a strategic partner for global enterprises that want to experience best-in-class data analytics, blockchain, AI, IoT, automation and other emerging technologies that drive the innovation cycle forward.

The new establishment is a step toward improving the company's capabilities to reimagine its existing client service models and anchor its business in the new digital age. The facility is set up to ramp up the growth of enterprises while strengthening Flexsin's client network.

The strategic move to open an onshore operations center has empowered Flexsin to initiate and strengthen its relationships with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in the US. With a strong alliance with global partners, Flexsin is reimagining digital opportunities for North American enterprises from scratch to scale.

The new US operations setup brings a highly collaborative ecosystem that reduces the time to market for business transformation, redefines the innovation landscape, and aligns to Flexsin's customer engagement model. By leveraging cutting-edge practices, the company envisions to position itself for long-term success and scale its business while delivering best-in-class results.

With this new facility in place, Flexsin has enabled businesses to leverage market-leading technology practices and generate value and returns for enterprises in the long run.

Flexsin with its recent operations team setup continues to build onshore preparedness and robust client-service capabilities for the US market. The strategic investment is geared toward building a co-innovative and collaborative hub with different enterprises located across the wide US market. These investments, which Flexsin is consistently making for accelerating technology transformation, are built around grow-the-business and run-the-business initiatives.

About Flexsin:
Flexsin is a Microsoft Gold Partner, Google Premier and an AWS partner. It is a leader in offering world-class IT, digital and software services and solutions. The company has delivered transformative services to over 2,500 clients located across the world. With its capabilities, Flexsin has enabled many clients to reinvent their future. The company's innovative solutions have helped its clients embrace radical inventions in the field of artificial intelligence, services and automation. Its team of more than 350 professionals has stayed true to the company's long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion.
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