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Flexsin Harnesses IoT To Empower Precision Agriculture Market At InfoAg 2017

Jul 25,2017
July 25-27, 2018 - St. Louis, Missouri: Flexsin, a premier in offering world-class IoT, software and digital solutions, was an exhibitor in InfoAg event in St. Louis for keeping track of the evolving precision agriculture market.

The first InfoAg event happened in 1995, which, its organizers felt, was necessary for keeping tabs on the ever-changing world of precision agriculture. The first few shows attracted over many exhibitors and countless other attendees because the growing agro market was planning to leverage the most advanced and rapidly growing technologies.

Fast-forward to 2017, InfoAg's 22nd event focused on the accelerated pace at which the growing agricultural economy will be leveraged in the coming time. These cutting-edge agricultural technology and precision equipment will drive digital transformation for countless agro clients.

By being part of the event, Flexsin showcased its IoT capabilities that will transform the agro world from end to end at booth no. 154. The company is at the forefront of using IoT for enabling agro businesses to do better crop forecasting, to boost crop yields, and to maximize fertilizer use and its efficiency.

The event has allowed the company's IoT experts to speak with many agro professionals and connect with the agricultural community at large. Because of that, Flexsin has now better understanding of the challenges that the agro community is facing and is better equipped to solve them.

About Flexsin: Flexsin is a leading global company using the quickly evolving IoT ecosystem that includes a wide landscape of devices, networks, sensors, data, apps and APIs. The company leverages the latest IoT frameworks and allied technologies for delivering top-end software that will help agricultural businesses to scale endlessly and build efficiency.
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