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Flexsin Announces Its Blockchain Technology Partnership With MultiChain Platform

Jun 08,2020
June 08, 2020 Noida, Uttar PradeshFlexsin, a digital technology leader offering robust blockchain solutions, has now become a MultiChain Platform Partner. Owing to its deep understanding of blockchain regulations and distributed ledger best practices, the company has developed, deployed and delivered enterprise-class blockchain solutions.

A widely known private blockchain solution, MultiChain is freely downloadable for platforms such as Windows and Linux. As an end-to-end blockchain solution, MultiChain brings a suite of features harnessed for developing and deploying blockchain applications comprising native assets, permissions management, pre-chain confirmation and data streams. This platform’s capabilities include bitcoin protocols and APIs. Because of this reason, MultiChain is compatible with different open-source codes built for bitcoin comprising online explorers, security devices, mobile wallets and other software libraries.

Being a partner of the MultiChain platform, Flexsin has forged a working relationship with the engineering team at MultiChain. Also, being a Multichain platform partner, the company will have early access to key production releases as well. The biggest benefit of being a MultiChain platform partner, however, lies in the fact that Flexsin will be exclusively accessing the platform team's deep technical assistance anytime.

All in all, this partnership has strengthened Flexsin's strategic position in building and delivering cutting-edge blockchain solutions on MultiChain to Fortune 500 enterprises. Being a preferred MultiChain partner, the company may even use MultiChain branding in its marketing collateral.

Flexsin leverages its deep capabilities for designing and deploying full toolsets and application suites over the MultiChain platform. Other than that, the company has a team of blockchain engineers who have deep domain expertise in supporting full-scale pilot projects to developing comprehensive proof-of-concepts. Other than building live blockchain-based projects from scratch, the company even delivers blockchain consultancy, custom blockchain development, decentralized/centralized exchange development, DAPPs development, smart contract development and more. By building its unparalleled MultChain expertise, Flexsin has successfully delivered a huge array of blockchain-based innovations for different verticals.

About Flexsin: A digital innovation company, Flexsin has become one of the top blockchain development companies delivering enterprise solutions to clients located worldwide and spanning across different industries. The company has delivered robust and secure blockchain applications across diverse verticals including supply chain, finance, voting and regulatory compliances, crowdsale, payments and the like. Other than working on MultiChain, Flexesin has also built its expertise in developing solutions with a range of blockchain platforms including Bitcoin blockchain, Hyperledger, Ethereum smart contracts and many more.
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