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Embarking RPA To Unlock The True Capabilities Of Automation

Jun 13,2019
June 13,2019, Noida, Uttar Pradesh: Flexsin added its robotic process automation (RPA) practice to help businesses to build automaton solutions around RPA technologies.

Clients can use RPA in various areas with bots working alongside their human workforce to take on routine and repetitive tasks. The robotic bots make use of their advanced natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI) and audio-visual processing capabilities to learn and improve from previous interactions and replicate life-like conversations. Enterprises can automate their service desk tasks with RPA implementation.

A dynamic workforce of programmed bots
RPA integration allows our clients to take up higher-order roles involving human brain and decision making for critical tasks. Once RPA software is programmed and formulated to understand specific processes, it can automatically process and manipulate data to trigger responses. Since it's basically code-free, one can easily re-configure RPA to modify the pre-coded bots.

The effectiveness and operational validity of the robotic process automation have been well recognized by forward-thinking enterprises, and keeping in view the growing interest in this emerging disruptive technology, our RPA service practice is has been designed to provide our diversified clients a more dynamic workforce of programmed bots.

Driving co-innovation for efficient business processes
Flexsin offers advanced AI/ML capabilities to the organizations to map the path to their RPA journey success and then execute their deployment regardless of where they are on their automation journey. The technology is more suited for clerical tasks processing, greatly reducing errors and improving task quality.

Many screen operations and data entry tasks do not involve physical manipulation of devices by a human worker, and thus RPA can provide overwhelming speed and accuracy to routine business processes. RPA is being rapidly adopted in larger numbers across the industries especially in telecommunications, IT, retail and healthcare. Our RPA solutions help add greater value to business processes by improving the process itself and freeing up full-time employees (FTEs) for more rewarding tasks.

Structured approach to RPA
Flexsin's structured approach to an organization's maturity level involves assessing its automation level need, deriving the potential use cases for RPA to identify, evaluate, design and implement the right automation solution for a business. This helps in identifying the potential use cases for the ease of automation in an organization's business processes, When it comes to corporate action, (CA), currently a lot of processing related to the generation of notifications and accounting entries, and sending instructions are done manually, leaving a lot of scope for human error. Our capabilities in CA automation help client organizations to automate repetitive tasks in CA lifecycle process and address inefficiencies. This frees up human resources for higher cognitive tasks, allowing clients to save costs by 25% to 33%.

Addressing business challenges
With our RPA practice, businesses can address challenges related to:
- Demand-based digital workforce efficiency
- Human errors
- Total cost of ownership (TCO)
- Employee satisfaction improvement by moving them higher up the value chain

Building on RPA capabilities at an exciting time
Automaton works best in conjunction with project lifecycle management and implemented with the project team involved in its everyday development.

RPA holds high potential to change the way business processes are accomplished. It's an exciting time to join cognitive technologies but the path can be uncertain, and Flexsin is poised to help the organizations in their RPA integration with its end-to-end service offerings for RPA deployment and implementation in their business processes. Our scalable and resilient RPA solutions come with the capability to seamlessly integrate into multiple platforms for efficient processing operations.

Make your process execution scalable and elastic
Our range of RPA support services includes several automaton accelerator services involving IoT, conversational bots and machine learning.

Our RPA automation consultants and engineers engage with delivery teams and with the client's team to make their automation journey a seamless one. We offer best-fit enterprise RPA solutions that yield maximized ROI for our clients. We offer flexible engagement models and easy integration of RPA platform with a business's existing systems. Our bots can be configured to capture and interpret application processes and creating communication channels with other systems.
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