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About The Game
As the popularity of scary games is rising, our game developers have put their Android game development expertise to the test. The team designed a mission-based game, which they named Scary Granny. In this game, the gamers would be stuck in a haunted house where they would complete terrifying missions to exit the house; every mission would put the users closer to the exit. While completing these missions, the users would have to bypass the scary grandma who would be lurking in the shadows and waiting for her next prey.
Game Features
Here are the key features of the game that enrich the gameplay and minimize the attrition rate of the gamers:

  • Having smooth graphics that improve the gameplay and the character's response time by a wide margin
  • Coming with multiple difficulty modes enables gamers to test their skill set and hone it to emerge as a winner
  • Adding many hard-to-uncover mysteries that make the gameplay layered and addictive in every possible way
  • Empowering the gamers to save their friends and eventually making the gameplay more emotional-driven and engaging
Development Process
From requirement gathering to designing, developing, and testing, our team built this horror game from scratch. We used five resources in total to get this project up and running. Here are the resources we used: one Unity developer, two designers, one quality analyst, and one scrum master. Now, let us look at the steps we followed to create this game.

  • Brainstormed the game concept with the top management, developers, content specialists, designers, and other stakeholders
  • Built a mockup according to the final storyboard to capture the look and feel of the final product
  • Designed some interesting game characters, including the eponymous granny
  • Used the Unity 3D platform to develop the game, which resulted in fast turnarounds
  • Held daily stand-ups to make sure that all the deliverables met well-defined quality parameters
  • Beta-tested the final product and made it ready to get published on Google Play

About The Technology

Our game development team chose Unity 3D because of its ever-growing roster of features. We used this game engine to create immersive gameplay, visualize constructions, and render real-time 3D animations. Moreover, Unity is even a cross-platform engine. That means we are free to extend the usability of the game to not only Android but also iOS, Web, Xbox 360, Windows, macOS, etc. Here are some of the benefits of using Unity 3D to build this game asset.

  • Created 3D cut scenes and other in-game assets from the ground up using prefabs
  • Produced stunning graphics using built-in hi-res lighting systems, physics-based materials, post-processing, etc.
  • Used production tools and readymade assets from the community-driven Unity Asset Store
  • Unlocked the power of a component-driven design to make development intuitive
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