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Website Design as it should be seen and done
admin 02 Jun 2010

Website design is one of the foremost things in the world of internet marketing. The concept of website design began in the year 1991 in the month of august when Tim Berners-Lee published the first website page by combining the internet communication, that had already been carrying the e-mail as well as Usenet, with the hypertext, that too had been around for decades but was used for only browsing the information stored on a single computer. Generally, the websites are written in a markup language like the HTML. But with the passage of time the website design as well as the web in general expanded, improved and thus the markup languages became more and more complex in tenor. This gave the freedom to add images as well as tables to the web page.

If we go by the precise definition of the web design then it would be something like this- the dexterity of creating the presentations of content which ultimately has to be delivered to the end user through web enabled software like internet television, RSS readers, and micro logging sites.

The main objective of the website is to create content that can be presented to the user at the time that he wants. It is really important to note that the website content is nothing but an aggregate of things that could be electronic documents as well as applications that can be stored in the web server or servers and then can be presented to the user at the time when he requests for the content.

At the moment the web pages are classified into two assortments that are:

a) The Static Pages: A simple HTML page is a very good example of the static web page. In the case of the static web page the content cannot be changed until and unless the programmer or the webmaster updates the page. In a static web page there is no scope pf any interactivity between the user as well as the website owner. The web page itself is the one dimensional, one way mode of communication between the visitor to the site as well as the owner of that site.

b) Dynamic Pages: The dynamic websites have the ability to change their content on the basis of the requirements of the end-user, as well as the changes in the computing environment.

In the present age of the internet marketing, websites are very much the source of communication between people and organizations. Depending upon the needs as well as the requirements of the businesses the creation of the websites can be done. The selection of the website designing company needs to be done very sagaciously so that the end product is the one that meets the requirement of the owner in an aesthetic manner.

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