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SEO and SEM dynamics shaping online business and ecommerce industry

Does the word SEO strikes a chord with you. Does it sounds something that used to be a handful  in ...
Published: 13 Oct 2011
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog SEO and SEM dynamics shaping online business and ecommerce industry

Does the word SEO strikes a chord with you. Does it sounds something that used to be a handful  in the earlier times but now it is nothing more than a familiar term. Any which way you see it , whether something that started as a big bang but now is more of a stable process of online marketing, or something that would keep on evolving with every new technology hitting the market. Whatever the opinion might be and from wherever the opinion might be coming from, the fact is that SEO is something that can only be ignored by the businesses at their own peril. But there is a very strong reason behind the change in the opinion of the businesses. The reason being that SEO is a subset of a larger term called SEM that is search engine / seo marketing that includes almost all the modes of advertising on the internet. Whether it is SEM or SEO the impact that have created on the online business and commerce industry. There are reasons for this development and then with every passing moment churning out newer technologies and particularly the internet technologies the online business and the commerce industry can only be shaped by the SEO and SEM dynamics.

Coming back to the other technologies that fall under the umbrella term of SEM, they are so enticing that majority of the online marketers opts for them first without blinking an eyelid.

These methods can be more aptly understood when taken separately

a) Paid inclusion: This mode of advertising on the search engines can be of tremendous use provided you are wiling to pay the hefty amount that the search engines would ask for. The procedure is very simple. All you are required to do is pay the search engines and get your site listed on their databases. No worries about the spiders crawling your net or any other delays. The more you are wiling to pay the sooner your site would be listed on engines. The procedure also allows the site owners to make the desired changes on the site as and when they desire. The result would be the instant crawling of your site by the spiders, and give you enough time to monitor the progress that your site is making on the engine.

b) Pay per click advertising (PPC) :The advent of this mode of advertising really came as a shot in the arm for online businesses. And it is as simple to understand as to implement. Only a text would appear on the search engine pages and the entire control of the PPC campaign lies with the advertisers. The keywords that should bring your site, the copy of the ad that should be written, and much more than that you decide how much you would be paying for the ad. The concept is simple. You pay the search engines only when there is a click on the ad and the eyeball is glued to your ad. But the real hard work lays in monitoring the progress of the campaign and obviously the ability to spend the big amount of money.

The pay per click advertising or the paid inclusion they both have advantages as well as disadvantages. If you have the money and are looking for some quick results then these techniques are the solution for you. But the major disadvantage with these methods is that they can get your site listed with as much expediency as you want.  But howsoever mighty good looking your site might be and no matter how many eyeballs it can capture and no matter in how quicker a time. But the success lies in the conversion of that traffic into the potential customers, and no power on the net can guarantee that.

Thus if you want your site to attract the maximum traffic and also keep your budget within control, and have the patience to wait for the results to appear then the first attempt that any webmaster or a site owner should be making is to use the organic search engine method.

A SEO/SEM dynamics are the most happening and result oriented procedures shaping the world of online businesses and the eCommerce industry. And that is going to remain in vogue for a long time to come.


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