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Increasing end user approachability with custom Odoo development and installation solutions

Odoo is a platform that the majority of developers work on and primarily developed with Debian/Ubunt...
Published: 17 Dec 2021
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Home Blog Increasing end user approachability with custom Odoo development and installation solutions

Odoo is a platform that the majority of developers work on and primarily developed with Debian/Ubuntu. The open-source, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is coded in Python to streamline business operations of an enterprise to any type and scale. Odoo HRIMS (Human Resources Management Information System) is an ideal starting point to empower your business from the inside. Automating back office functions can immediately help by your less involvement in routine work, communication facilitation, decentralization as well as data unification.

Odoo ERP is an all-in-one management software that offers a range of business applications, ranging from billing and accounting to project management that form a complete suite of enterprise management solutions. It is offered in two separate versions – Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. The Community version is an open source while the Enterprise version supplements the Community version with commercial features and services.

Seamless integration with other systems


The platform has been developed for small and medium businesses, and is available on the cloud and on-premises. It can also integrate with other systems including payment processors, external shipping systems such as Amazon, and QuickBooks. It comes with many modules such as Odoo Accounting & Invoicing, Odoo Manufacturing, Odoo Timesheeets, and Odoo Project Management, with their specific features and functionalities. Accounting & Invoicing module provides all the general financial processes needed within an organization. The module can be used for global transactions. Project Management Module allows future resources to be viewed based on availability, while Inventory Management Module provides full traceability, from supplier to customer.

Odoo integrates your different business functions into a single system, automating information sharing between business units including sales, stocks, purchases, etc. One data set will support all your business functions including CRM, accounting,HR and operations. The platform’s modular approach lets you implement what you need. You can add new modules as and when required without taking the system down. Its workflows can be learned quickly, and developers can quickly access the information.

A variety of features make Odoo stand apart from other platforms such as:

Open source: The platform uses an open development process and is licensed to include the source code.

Robust architecture: Its robust architecture makes business management processes easy and also swift.

Integrated scalability: The platform’s service-oriented architecture allows the developers to have fewer dependencies.

Omni-channel reach: The platform has a wide reach of clients from several modes with highly centralized data management capabilities.

Improved business performance: Odoo helps you improve your business performance with centralized and integrated management of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), PoS (Point of Sale), e-commerce, inventory, and more.

One-stop solution for Odoo development

Being an open source Odoo development company, Flexsin Technologies provides one-stop solutions for Odoo development including:

Odoo app and mobile development: Flexsin has successfully developed mobile apps for Odoo websites and other elements such as marketplace.

Odoo themes development: The best themes not only improve your website’s aesthetics but also add new functionalities to improve customers’ experience. We will also optimize your website for performance, loading time, and SEO (search engine optimization).

Odoo SaaS development: Our Odoo development practices will transform your Odoo server into SaaS (Software as a Service) provider with Odoo SaaS Kit.

Odoo migration: Our developers will carry out a rigorous study of your setup to develop the roadmap for seamless migration, providing you with testing services before and after the deployment.

Odoo multi-platform integration: Our developers develop software that connects different e-commerce platforms with Odoo to manage them effectively. We also optimize and customize the Odoo connectors as per the client’s requirements.

Odoo customization services: We will optimize the performance of your Odoo database to deliver highly efficient and faster performance. Our developers also provide Append features to Odoo modules as per your specific requirements.

Odoo consulting and customization services

Enterprises can benefit from Flexsin’s extensive experience in managing large scale projects, and deploy the platform for you quickly. Questions arising in the process of a new software development, migration, integration, implementation and utilization are common. You can rely upon over 11 years of experience and expertise of Flexsin Odoo development company to assist you in getting acquainted with the system, resolving concerns, improving your work experience with Odoo, and other aspects of Odoo consulting. We will keep you covered with all advanced and usability features of Odoo, and provide fully customizable Odoo development services of your business requirement with end-to-end support services.


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