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Client Overview

Carol Howe is an author, master teacher and world-renowned expert on a course in Miracles (ACIM) - a self-study course for finding peace of mind through healing relationships.

Incredible online courses like See How Life Works, attitudinal healing and much more, help to heal every part of life to experience true birthright. It's is quick, easy and free to sign up on Carolhowe's and gain access the tons of free resources, video, audio, and e-books. This library of tools helps begin to change mind and experience of life on daily basis.

  • 400% Visibility Increased
  • 15% Social Conversion Rate
  • 200% Sign Up Increased
  • 206% Likes
Project Challenges
The Website Was Not Interactive

With a non-interactive website it is very difficult to get visitors to stay longer on the website. The simple conclusion of this situation is that the less time the customer stays on the site, the lesser is their chance of getting anywhere near making a purchase decision.

The UE (User Experience) Was Poor

When a website is not designed for seamless navigation and ease of finding all the information that it has to offer, most visitors decide to quit. After all, they have hundreds of options to choose from. Why would they waste their time looking for ways to navigate the site? It should be available to them readily.

The Visitor Action Form Was Way Down At The Bottom

Carol Howe, as an author, teacher and counselor need her website visitors to stay on and read what she has to say. This needs to be followed up with a hook-like offering a free e-book download in exchange for the visitor's name and email address. Now, if the action fields where the visitors have to fill out their names and email addresses are way down at the bottom of the page, they are never going to find it.

Near Absence Of Client Testimonials

For a website of this nature, constant interactivity in the form of Q&A's and problems and solutions is the lifeblood. And all such interaction should end up in excellent testimonials for Ms. Howe. Unfortunately, the near absence of any testimonials is a serious example of one of the main objectives of Ms. Howe's business model being neglected. The result has been quite damaging for Ms. Howe as her website was steadily losing traffic which is like oxygen being taken away from a human.

Strategy & Solution
Website Design Improvements

We were able to enhance the reach of the customers on the website and serve the task of aligning its usability with its design and development. The new elegant design based on effective layout improved usability and made it easier for users to find more information on the website. The newly improved user action form has been relocated to the top of the home page and it had an immediate impact on visitor interactivity on the website.

Best ROI Possible Through Social Media Marketing Strategy

Another important value addition is the on-going analysis of Carol Howe's social media performance by making real-time changes to her SMM strategy ensuring the best possible ROI. We understood that Carol Howe needed to leverage niche platforms for her business. Our SMO professionals built the strategy based on her exact needs and chose a number of social sites for engagement and interaction with her audience. We executed the social media plan to strengthen Ms. Howe's brand and generate the required action from her followers.

We Ran A Lead-Generating Campaign

We designed an optimum SMM strategy for Carol Howe using paid campaign on social sites, all of which cater to a global audience. We quite successfully promoted her Lead generating Campaign via Facebook. For the campaign, we created a number of ads on Facebook that revolved around a new strategy which we call Retargeting and Remarketing.

For retargeting we posted advertisements on Facebook that linked the follower to the customer action hook on where a free book download of one of Ms. Howe's books was offered in exchange for the visitor's name and email address. Once we got the name and email address of the user, it was easy to follow up the prospective customer with a series of emailers with powerful messaging and links back into retargeting and remarketing, a combination of both was an effective strategy for improving overall business profits.

More Reviews and Testimonial of The Customers

We advised the business to collect feedback/ testimonials from customers. By making it easy, comfortable, and even fun for them to do; such as through an email, Google Forms, Survey Monkey, social media polls, and much more.

We faced each of these challenges and offered a clear solution that was implemented quickly, strengthening the business and increasing the ROI.

Business Outcomes
Carolhowe connected with a number of different audience groups during the campaign. During the course of the SEO campaign, the client gained more mentions and impressions on different social channels.

  • 9K social mentions
  • 65K impressions on Twitter
  • 76K impressions on Facebook
  • 8.5K Likes and Followers on Pinterest
  • Over 25K Likes and Followers on Facebook

Client's Speak

Working with Flexsin is the best decision I could have made. You guys are top notch and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone!

Danielle McCormick
Master Teacher and acclaimed author, CarolHowe
Let's collaborate and discover propositions that unlock business opportunities.
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