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Client Overview
Located in Snellville, GA, Snellville Family Dental has a general dental practice providing specialist procedures. Serving the community for more than 30 years, the client offers trusted dental care. The client has a staunch commitment to quality and offers cutting-edge procedures. Moreover, the client has many in-house dental specialists offering advanced dentistry services such as root canals, clear smile aligners, dental implant placements, and teeth extractions.
  • 90% Visibility Increase
  • 75% Traffic Improvement
  • 110% Sales / Leads Grown
  • 45 Keywords In Top 10
Project Challenges
The client had a website, which failed to generate any revenue. That was the reason why the client was actively seeking the support of an agency that would help the site rank higher and attract more relevant traffic. Because the client lacked expertise in digital marketing, it wanted to partner with a company that had years of track record in offering SEO services. Using these services would help the client overcome the following challenges.

  • Bad UX spread across the site
  • The flow of relevant traffic to the site was low
  • Search engine discoverability of the website suffered
  • The website ROI was quite low
Strategy & Solution
Our SEO team faced one major challenge while it optimized the site - its visibility was next to zero, but the client wanted to have weekly appointments online. For that purpose, we used keyword-rich anchor text in the internal links to the website. We carried out multiple technical analyses of the website to discover its under-optimized portions. Once the analyses were done, we started with the execution of the optimization process. The optimization involved all major and minor points required to make the website SEO-friendlier.

We also created different titles for web pages; each title incorporated specific key phrases. To increase the online visibility and ranking of the website on various search engines, we used keyword-rich alt tags too. This helped us improve the overall ranking of the website on various search engines.

Our initial analyses pointed out that the design and architecture of the site were not appealing. And as website design and architecture had a negative impact on its online visibility, we had to optimize it. Because of that reason, we recommended key pointers for improving the look and feel of the website. That way, we planned on attracting many visitors. Our team worked with SEO best practices to create quality backlinks that came from high authority domains.

After continually optimizing the website, we increased its visibility. Also, by selecting and implementing SEO marketing strategies, we improved site rankings on various search engines. To maximize the traffic, we relied on adding descriptive pages and post titles. We also increased the ranking of the website on search engines by creating quality content and using result-driven on-page optimization techniques. We also created targeted SEO campaigns to promote specific services and optimized them by analyzing historical data. The result was that the sales increased significantly.
Business Outcomes
By following white-hat tactics and proven SEO marketing strategies, we helped the site maximize its sales value by a whopping 110%. Not to mention, our SEO campaign optimized the site to receive heavy traffic.
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Client's Speak
We are the biggest gainers of the week! Awesome. Nice work Flexsin!
Jon Vickers
Owner - Snellville Family Dental - GA, USA
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