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Client Overview
HP Teradici is a leading innovator that empowers users to access high-speed computing through their PCs, tablets, or Chromebook. The client offers remote computing software that redefines the digital workspace. The client offers robust PCoIP remote display protocols designed to deliver digital workspaces from public clouds or data centers to remote users. Moreover, the client ensures that this delivery is offered with the most advanced levels of responsiveness, fidelity, and security. The client's growing suite of services simplifies device management, unlocks comprehensive new-age maintenance models, unleashes greater scalability, and accelerates device deployments.

  • 76% Increased Site Visibility Value
  • 158% Traffic Improvement Value
  • 88% Increased Online Leads
  • 70% Search Queries Went Up:
Project Challenges
The client wanted to target global audiences so that every business and individual user could unlock the potential of digital workspaces. However, it had not amped up its SEO game to reach global audiences seamlessly. Because of that reason, the site suffered from low online visibility. And the site's low online visibility gave way to other issues, including low-quality traffic and fewer leads. To sum up, here are some of the key challenges that the client faced before the engagement began.

  • The site was receiving low-quality traffic regularly
  • The client could not use its website to generate leads
  • The website faced incredibly low visibility on leading search engines
Strategy & Solution
As a trusted SEO company, we started off by analyzing the client's website. We did a detailed site analysis before our first call was scheduled with the client. After a few discovery meetings with the client, we started working on optimizing the website. We focused on optimizing the site, creating quality backlinks, and following off-page SEO best practices. These were the key elements included in our strategy.

As part of our road map, we optimized all the pages of the website. We even rejigged the content to make sure it was ready to appeal the global audiences. We did keyword research to discover new targeted keywords that were aligned with the search queries of global audiences looking for remote desktop solutions.

As the project started while the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world, we expected tough competition. That is why we prioritized link building. To that end, we published high-quality content assets on reputed third-party websites; these assets comprised articles, blogs, PRs, and the like. We even revamped the website content to make sure it remained in line with the towering standards of some of the most demanding international audiences. Publishing fresh, helpful, and engaging content assets regularly helped us earn quality backlinks from industrial authorities as well.

Besides, we noticed that the lack of internal linking was bringing down the site ranking. That is why our strategy included going aggressive on internal link building because we wanted to give Google a clear idea of the site's content structure. By earning genuine backlinks, we also ensured search engines found the client's content credible. As a result, we established brand authenticity in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Apart from working toward optimizing the existing pages and earning quality backlinks, we corrected page indexing too. That way, we improved the site's likelihood of getting ranked higher for a broad range of keywords. We even set up an XML sitemap to help bots and crawlers scan the site easily. Part of our on-page SEO initiatives also included optimizing the meta tags; that way, we could tell Google and other search engines how the site should be displayed on search engine result pages or SERPs.

Business Outcomes
The engagement drew to a close on a high note. Once the client invested in our SEO expertise, it could see a continual stream of visible rewards in terms of high discoverability, increased content ROI, and more.
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Client's Speak
I am impressed with the SEO team's commitment to my business success right from the start. This team is the right SEO agency for me. Highly recommended!
Tabitha Tao
British Columbia, Canada
Let's collaborate and discover propositions that unlock business opportunities.
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