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Client Overview
A leading insurance agency in the US, Insurance Piggybank offers a comprehensive range of personal and business insurance solutions, depending on the client's needs. With its deep expertise, the client has helped its customers navigate unique insurance-specific risks they face at speed. Moreover, the client has successfully helped many customers build up their savings while serving as the insurance advisor of choice.
  • 80% Increase In Visibility
  • 70% Increase In Traffic
  • 40% Increase In Online Leads
  • 8 Keywords In Top 10
Project Challenges
Initially, the client's webpages were written in HTML. These static webpages, in turn, pulled down the client's site visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs). To top it all off, the client belonged to a hyper-competitive sector. With a static website whose ranking had tanked considerably, it was a challenge to get business and thrive. These were some challenges that the client was looking to resolve with the help of a strategic SEO partner.

  • Stay competitive in the market
  • Rank on SERPs for the most competitive keywords
  • Regularly execute on-page and off-page activities
  • Minimize the loading time of webpages
Strategy & Solution
To help overcome these challenges, the client was looking to partner with a digital marketing company that specialized in offering an array of SEO services. Here is where we came in. In the beginning, we analyzed the client's website and found that it was unoptimized from bow to stern. Here was the key reason for the site to become non-optimized - it did not receive on-page and off-page optimization activities regularly. Resultantly, the client was unable to get a good improvement in keyword rankings too.

As the pages were written in HTML, they were static and could not be updated easily to improve their SEO value. To help make the website user-friendlier than before, we suggested the client migrate to WordPress. We even selected WordPress owing to the platform's growing suite of SEO-centric plugins. Being a strategic SEO partner, we wanted the client to switch its website to WordPress CMS. This CMS helped us leverage a suite of themes and plugins that elevated the site's UX.

Moreover, WordPress is also known for helping SEO specialists create attractive and keyword-rich permalinks. On top of that, it is the go-to CMS for simplifying the management of the site's metadata and streamlining how image optimization takes place. Besides, our SEO team carried out detailed on-page and off-page activities that helped boost its keyword ranking as well.

Business Outcomes
Our SEO campaign included optimizing the website and helping it get transitioned into WordPress CMS. This transition, in turn, helped the client improve the overall UX, traffic quantity, and lead quality.
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Client's Speak
Flexsin's SEO team has been an extension of our marketing squad. I am impressed how these SEO specialists have helped elevate the rankings of my website and improve its overall UX. Highly recommended!
Doug Girma
President - Insurance Piggybank - Fredericksburg Virginia United States
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