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Client Overview
A family-owned business, Shopzinia is a global name when it comes to providing a vivid array of party clothes for kids and adults. The client offers party costumes that are made from the finest fabric and follow a strict quality control process. That way, the clothes bought from the client provide maximum comfort and last really long. The best part is that the client prices the clothing and other products aggressively. To that end, the client's boutique has attracted many clients from the UAE, Egypt, and other parts of the world.
  • 5% Monthly Conversions Up By
  • 4% Conversion Rate Up By
  • $25 Cost Per Acquisition
  • 4X Return On Ad Spend ($)
Project Challenges
The biggest challenge for the client was that the leads were not coming. Although the client enjoyed an incredible brand value across the UAE, it required more leads. Besides, the client also wanted to expand its customer base. That is why the client wanted to give online marketing a shot. However, the client did not have any expertise and experience in navigating the world of online marketing. And that was because of the fact that the client had only relied on conventional forms of marketing up till now. Some of the key challenges that the client faced were as follows.

  • 1. Not having any experience or expertise in online marketing
  • 2. Facing stiff competition because the online clothing segment is already crowded
  • 3. Getting more quality leads continually and elevating the business revenue
Strategy & Solution
After detailed discussions, the client decided to place its faith in our PPC team. Our team of PPC managers has deep expertise in setting up fresh ad campaigns and helping different clients improve their returns on ad spend. Since the client did not have any history of paid campaigns, we started from scratch. First up, we created a Google Ads account for the client and set it up. Then our team focused its attention on doing detailed keyword research and different analyses regarding the target audiences and competition.

Once all the research work was done, we created data-driven ad campaigns that were fueled with well-targeted ads. We also monitored the campaign performance regularly and found ways through which we could optimize it further. On top of that, we regularly monitored the search terms report. That way, we discovered newer keywords that could deliver more ROI to the client. As it was an e-commerce project, we decided to land the leads on the homepage so that there was zero friction in the conversion process.

Through analyzing regularly, we optimized our bids and campaigns, making them cost-effective. The result? Our campaigns helped the client get more leads. These leads came to the client's website with high purchase intent. We even gave some key suggestions to the client regarding its website's front-end. Once these suggestions were implemented, we ensured that the lion's share of the leads could be successfully converted into buyers. Eventually, this effort paid really well, and we were able to help the client improve its revenue.

Business Outcomes
We created fresh campaigns where we demonstrated our skills, including data analyses and copywriting. Eventually, we optimized the advertising message of the client so that it improved the paid marketing ROI.

  • The quality score was increased by 50%
  • The cost per acquisition was decreased by 25%
  • The monthly conversions were 165
  • The number of keywords ranked in the top 3 was 14

Client's Speak
We are very happy with the way Flexsin has handled our paid marketing efforts online. We did not know too much about online paid marketing and all that jazz. But the PPC managers at Flexisn have helped us with this.
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