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Client Overview
Kidocode is committed to building a top-of-the-line learning community for K-12 students in Malaysia. Dedicated to offering top-shelf digital literacy solutions, the client improves learning outcomes by leveraging a range of AI-powered tools. That way, the client is on the way to crafting an immersive learning environment. Moreover, the client offers an array of courses related to entrepreneurship, technology, robotics, AI, and coding to make the children future-ready. On top of that, the client has associated with leading educators and brought top-class campus facilities whose demands are mounting at an incredible pace.
  • 100% Increase In Leads
  • 75% Decrease In Cost Per Lead
  • 50% Increase In Outreach
  • 40% Increase In Impressions
Project Challenges
The client wanted to unlock the Facebook potential to reach more target audiences who were parents of kids. However, the client lacked the expertise in using Facebook Ads to increase its business reach, get quality leads, and improve its ROI. In a nutshell, the client wanted to use Facebooks Ads and paid social media marketing at large to fulfill many business goals. Some of the most important goals are listed below.

  • Placing courses related to AI, coding, and robotics as the go-to career pathways
  • Bringing in more leads continually that are ready to buy from the client
  • Maintaining the quality of leads without letting the number diminish
Strategy & Solution
When it comes to generating revenue from Facebook ads, our SMO team has a strategy up its sleeves. And the best part is that the strategy is as unique as the business it will serve. Yes, there is no cookie-cutter approach to be followed with Facebook Ads. So, we started with understanding the client's business, its challenges, and what the competitors were doing.

The main goal of the campaign was to generate as many leads as possible. That is why we set up a lead-gen campaign on Facebook. In the campaign, we targeted the parents of kids because the grown-ups are the key decision-makers. We placed the courses related to robotics, AI, coding, entrepreneurship, and technology as the best ones for kids who want to get job-ready at a young age.

In our SMA campaign for the client, we selected some key objectives. The first was generating more quality leads, and the second was attracting good traffic to the website. We even leveraged Messenger Inbox ads to interact more with the leads and send them to the client's website.

Business Outcomes
We optimized Facebook Ads that we used to promote key courses - AI, coding, technology, etc. - offered by the client. The campaign eventually helped generate quality leads and improve the engagement rate.

  • Video views climbed up by 25%
  • The Impressions grew by 45%
  • The reach was maximized by 15%
  • The ROI increased by 12%

Client's Speak
It all started with a Facebook lead generation campaign that we gave to Flexsin. The team of social media experts at Flexsin have got the chops and understands how the whole paid marketing business works. That is precisely why I engaged the team of PPC.
Arash Tabrizi
Vice President Of Technology - KidoCode - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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