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Enterprise Application For Time & Expense Tracking Of Your Business Associates

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TRI Corporation is one of the leading professional training companies of today. This firm has tie-ups with some of the top associates in business. These associates develop different courses and on-site client training programs. The company even offers software that enables clients in handling reimbursements. The company caters to different clients and has helped them in efficiently and effectively managing their time and resources.
  • Time Duration 10 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
The client engaged our team because it wanted a full-fledged web-empowered tool for managing expense and travel reimbursements. Also, the tool was to be designed for entering and summarizing expense-related data. As a responsive web portal, the tool was where the associates would enter the details regarding development hours, expenses, and program delivery. Here are some of the points that this portal was designed to cover:

  • Expense and reimbursement tracking
  • A dedicated admin dashboard
  • Information management
  • Responsive web architecture
  • Intuitive UI
  • Robust backend support
Strategy & Solution
Our web developers, project managers, and designers were brought on board by the client. The team worked on introducing a set of features in the web portal that would meet the client's objectives. The team followed coding best practices for developing a fast, flexible, robust web application that had a built-in currency converter. The team worked toward developing an intuitive front-end and a solid backend for the application.

Front-end The team used JavaScript and other technological frameworks for developing a robust web portal. By using the latest front-end technologies, our team developed a flexible, clean, and responsive user interface for the client.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Highly responsive
  • Quick load time
  • Information management

Backend Besides designing a fast user interface, our team of developers built a robust backend for supporting web portal. The team used a robust database and other advanced technological frameworks for building a powerful backend.

  • Streamlining user login validation
  • Easily identified the user type
  • Simplified data storage and management

Development Process For developing this robust web portal, our team adhered to a flexible development approach that could be changed as per project requirements. Below are the points that are covered in our development cycle.

  • Requirement gathering
  • Design, development, and deployment
  • Testing and quality check
  • Support and maintenance

Owing to these factors, we were able to make sure that our project was developed within the defined time frame and budget allotted by the client. We consistently asked for client feedback to refine the portal.

Client's Feedback

Great communication and quality delivery. Very good team to work with...
Carlo Peratoner
Owner and CEO of TRI Corporation, Oregon, USA
Business Outcomes
By implementing this time and expense tracking web portal, the client was able to improve its billing cycles. Through this portal, the client made sure that the billing was done accurately and on time every time.

We reduced the training hours by a wide margin. This is just one of the many benefits that the client reaped once the web portal went live within at the client's side.

  • Reduced development and training hours
  • Tracked expenses at every expense easily
  • Simplified adding time
  • User validation was streamlined
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