Global Platform Connecting Cancer Patients, Doctors, Hospitals, Education Institutes & Community

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Client Overview
Fight Cancer Global is an online platform which is developed to provide support to cancer survivors. It works with a mission to empower community of members to join together in its shared fight against cancer, offering Community, Technology, Outreach, Education and Hope. For the first time in history, we can envision the possibility of stopping cancer in its tracks.
Business Needs
The client envisioned to create and cultivate a global social media technology platform designed to unite the people against cancer, crossing geographic, socioeconomic and functional boundaries, increasing information access and overall quality of life of all those afflicted. They wanted the application to be capable to connect the members with one another via cancer-specific searches, including categories of diagnoses, treatments, medications, hospitals, and locale. Other project needs of the client included:

  • Support for fighters and survivors
  • Health and wellness of patients
  • Volunteering and for fighters
  • Outreach to community for information
  • Pre-reviewed research articles
  • Spearheading treatment of cancer
Strategy & Solution
Now more than ever, as government funding for cancer research is disappearing from the national agenda, every single one of us affected by cancer must stand up and be heard. Cancer takes one person every minute. They are our brothers, our sisters, our fathers and mothers, our husbands and wives, our best friends, our children, ourselves.

So, we developed a platform where one can avail the services offered by the application registering themselves as Cancer Fighters, Cancer Survivors, Cancer Supporters or Volunteers. Users will be able to celebrate the life of a loved one while supporting their vital work by making a donation, creating an online tribute or by leaving a legacy in their memory.

Front-end The front-end features allows the users to join the community to stand up against cancer and to be heard. It was provided an interface wherein one can easily connect with other fighters and survivors, and volunteer to donate for them in various forms. Other key features of the fronted include:

  • Getting involved with cancer cause
  • Information on partnership
  • Global advisory
  • Supporting the movement

Backend We worked on backend that could support semantic network wherein people could connect with others for a cause. We worked hard to find a fast and near real-time database that could be scaled horizontally and give quick results for set operations. We ensured that the architecture was robust that could support all the needed functionalities of the front-end. Our developers worked on the below backend functions:

  • Core computational logic
  • Available on demand
  • Combining and transforming data
  • Sever side language and frameworks

Development Process The website was developed using PHP/MYSQL framework. As the system was going to be loaded with bulk of data, so we had to optimize the loading speed as well, and for this, we assigned a dedicated team for the execution of application which was consistently monitored by the project manager. An agile development process was used with an intense discovery phase. We were able to achieve the below for our client in project development phase:

  • A global platform for cancer cause
  • Design considerations for early phase
  • Methodology for improving quality
  • Implementation and integration

The application was thoroughly tested and bugs were fixed before deploying it for the client. We ensured that it performed flawlessly and was easy to operate.
Business Outcomes
We successfully developed the application for supporting cancer survivals and it was really exciting working with the client. The end result was successful development of another great project by Flexsin. We incorporated all the features in the application that client wanted. We accomplished the project with full dedication and completed it within deadline.

One of the major challenges was the design scalability and to develop an intuitive and user-friendly system. So, we delivered a system with high performance and speed so that the system can support multiple networks of users at a time.

  • Management of the information of the fundraisers, events etc.
  • Global platform of supporters, volunteers, cancer patients and survivors
  • Reliable and clear information on cancer for best treatment outcomes
  • Addressing the issues of reach and availability to the emphatic community
  • Helping the patients get the most out of life
  • Web based platform for improved cancer care and information sharing
Client's Speak
Very responsible for the project and have executed what I want to do exactly. Nice support, very professional skills!!
Vijay Kondur
Founder: Fightcancerglobal, USA
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