Salesforce Nonprofit Service Cloud Helps An NGO Improve The Outcomes Of Its Volunteers

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Client Overview
A US-based nonprofit organization wanted to manage its fundraising and volunteering processes effectively using Salesforce. Founded in 1991, the client is making an impact by bringing volunteers together to build and renovate homes for over 200 families. As a Salesforce partner, we helped the client use the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) that comes with built-in donor management components. Once the NPSP was deployed, the client maintained a 360-degree view of its processes, consolidated information siloes, and improved the coordination among volunteers and people needing shelters.
Business Needs
Serving families in need of shelter worldwide, the client could not afford to mismanage their processes related to fundraising, donations, event organizing, and volunteer management. To manage these processes effectively, the client worked with multiple enterprise applications, including QuickBooks, Salesforce, Salsa Engage, and Mailchimp. Owing to siloed process management systems, the client faced multiple challenges ranging from data inconsistency to ineffective decision-making. That is why the client wanted to build a robust system that could help it meet the following business needs.

  • Breaking siloed information warehouses
  • Consolidating volunteer information at speed and scale
  • Creating a culture of data-driven decision-making
  • Minimizing the instances of data duplication
Strategy & Solution
The client wanted to build a robust system that could power its journey of digital transformation. To do that, the client required a digital partner with experience in catering to the needs of large-scale NGO projects. This is where we came in. On completing the initial-stage review meetings with the client, our team suggested the implementation of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). As the client operated a global NGO, the NPSP module was the go-to option. This is because the package had a wide array of prebuilt donor management components. We even integrated Salesforce NPSP with Sales Engage and QuickBooks to cut down on the dependency on third-party applications. Besides, our deep expertise in Salesforce customization helped us create dedicated modules in managing fundraising efforts, handling events, simplifying donation processes, and streamlining volunteer management.

Our team of front-end developers used Visualforce to build an engaging UI for the end-users of the portal. The use of this component-driven UI framework helped developers fast-track and simplify the development of an intuitive interface. The best part was that this UI never came with a steep learning curve. Here are some of the other highlights of the front-end that our developers helped to build.

  • Built a dashboard for developing reports to clean enterprise data
  • Generated reports for showing the contribution history so that the client could send year-end letters
  • Captured all the changes done on Visualforce (VF) pages for duplication avoidance and identifying validation logic
  • Redesigned and deployed the volunteer signup process so that volunteers did not have to re-enter this information after an initial setup
  • Designed a new solution to address the concerns related to existing volunteer log-ins

To make sure the Salesforce package was deployed seamlessly, our team focused on its backend. Building a robust backend system that could handle beneficiaries worldwide, our backend developers closely worked with the client's business team. We began integrating NPSP with third-party modules, such as Salsa Engage, MailChimp, and QuickBooks. We also helped the client embrace process automation to make sure different workflows were streamlined at speed and scale throughout the implementation. Here are a few highlights of the backend system of this Salesforce project.

  • Created contacts, accounts, and contribution data seamlessly
  • Deployed multiple processes to eliminate duplicate data
  • Automated key workflows to accelerate processes at speed

Development Process
To make sure the pace of project development was accelerated, we followed an agile work methodology. The client was looking forward to building a robust platform that could handle housing requests of the needy worldwide. As the client was an NGO, we onboarded specialists with vast experience in deploying NPSP. Here are some key highlights of the development process from start to finish.

  • Brainstormed how the client's vision could become a reality
  • Arranged initial review meetings to check the brainstormed solution's feasibility
  • Predefined project deliverables and set milestones
  • Built the solution and sent the modules for the client's approval
  • Accommodated the client's requests for project updates and changes on time
  • Delivered post-deployment support to the client's team

Business Outcomes
Once the Salesforce solution with NPSP was deployed, the client was able to streamline the way it connected volunteers with the people requiring shelter across the world. Once the system was implemented, the client gained a holistic view of their entire community. Besides, NPSP reporting features transformed how impact measurement and decision-making happened. Here are some of the top benefits of the solution that our team of Salesforce engineers developed and implemented.

  • Enabled the client to maintain a 360-degree view of its mission
  • Consolidated information siloes to streamline strategic decision-making
  • Simplified how volunteers connected with people in need of shelter worldwide
  • Reduced different instances of data duplication at an incredible speed
  • Managed the data of volunteers and the needy at scale
Client's Speak
We have been trying to consolidate our huge database of volunteers worldwide and streamline operations. We did not know how to do it until Flexsin came in. The Salesforce team has helped us make our vision to help the people in need of shelter go digital in no time!
Emalee Kimball
Habitat for Humanity, Marketing Manager, Altamonte Springs, FL
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