Rigorous ERP Software Testing And QA Checks Maximized Performance For A Technology Company

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Client Overview
A technology supplier required to improve the dependability of its ERP system for the flooring-industry clientele. The client develops cost-effective solutions to maximise the productivity of installation-based businesses. The existing ERP solution was under-optimized and prone to crashes. As a testing partner, we expanded the testing surface by code refactoring, improving the software UX, and embedding quality in the product DNA. Once end-to-end ERP software testing was carried out, we ensured the application not only worked but offered a differentiated UX.
Business Needs
The ERP software of the client had diverse functionalities, with newer features being added time and again. Owing to that reason, the client's customers were facing constant site crashes. Having an under-optimized ERP resulted in the client facing a frustrated customer base. Because of that factor, the number of sign-ups was also going down at a fast pace. To that end, the client was looking forward to testing its ERP software extensively. However, the client did not know how to self-test the ERP and fix the errors. That was the reason why the client was finding a testing partner who could help test the ERP software from end to end. The client's customers flagged some issues while they were using the ERP system. Initially, the client wanted to tackle these issues head-on. Here are the three issues that the client wanted to resolve with the help of a testing partner.

  • Facing difficulties in checking the ERP's accounting section
  • Keeping records of the inventory status was an ordeal
  • Performing scheduling and assigning installers were challenging
Strategy & Solution
The client trusted our team of testers owing to their experience in handling complex test cases. The engagement began with us analyzing the project requirements. Our team's initial analyses brought to light one fact - the ERP software had to undergo many changes. So many changes in the ERP meant its code had to undergo too much iteration. Doing so many changes to the code eventually meant putting the software at risk of newer and more sophisticated bugs. That way, the vulnerability quotient of the ERP software went up.

So, the team decided to keep a count of all the changes that were made to the ERR software. Keeping tabs on the changes even meant our team was making a list of every update that was made to the product. Whenever a new feature was added to the product, our team tested it thoroughly. Adding new features time and again meant the team even had to rely on regression testing heavily. That way, our team gauged the impact of these features on the software's code. Moreover, we kept analyzing the ERP areas where more testing was required. To help us improve our quality assurance processes, we focused on using many testing tools. For example, we used Postman to test whether every API connected with the software worked as intended. Similarly, we used Azure DevOps Server - which was previously called Team Foundation Server or TFS - to centralize the repository of all the source codes used in the ERP. That was how we simplified the way we ran a check on the source codes to find bugs.

As part of our testing strategy, we even divided the testing surface. To make sure every tester was on the same page while working on this project, we reconfirmed the testing coverage with the team. Moreover, we remained careful with bug handling; because of that reason, we created bug reports regularly. These reports even included a step-by-step guide for the client to weed out the bugs if they cropped up in the future. To make every bug report easy to understand, we included multiple screenshots and videos. All in all, our testing strategy included reviewing the requirement traceability matrix, creating fresh test cases, testing the cases with appropriate priorities, and reporting the status of the test cases to the client.

Our Testing Process

Every testing and QA project we undertake is guided by a robust testing life cycle. With this project, we analyzed the requirements and tweaked the testing process accordingly. However, adhering to a strong test cycle has always helped testers get strong visibility into different test components and even the overall test schedules. Here are the steps of the testing cycle we prepared for this particular project.

  • Gathered the project requirements after scheduling many discovery meetings with the client's team
  • Evaluated the project's requirements in great detail to build a robust test strategy
  • Formed multiple test-case designs for evaluating the ERP software's functionalities and features
  • Checked the test environment to get an idea of which operating system was best suited to execute tests
  • Deployed several test cases without any hitch
  • Ran different tests and finally ended the cycle with well-calculated exit criteria
Business Outcomes
Running multiple tests to check the EPR's functionality and features was rewarding for the client. First up, we helped the client overcome all the issues its customers were facing while using its product. As the engagement drew to a close, the client was able to reap the following benefits.

  • Ensured that the users could easily and quickly check the accounting section in the ERP software
  • Simplified the process of inventory recordkeeping
  • Streamlined how the users scheduled and assigned installers in the ERP
Client's Speak
My buggy ERP was a mess before I brought the testing team at Flexsin on board. I started losing business. Thankfully, the testers at Flexsin not only removed the bugs from my ERP but even optimized its performance.
Joe Long
Chief Executive Officer
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