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Professional Online Shopping Platform That Automates Direct Sales

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Rozie provides automated direct sale in the palm of customer's hands. It's a professional shopping platform carefully designed to mimic the standard complaint Facebook group sale format used by most consultants. It offers three components viz. Rozie - The shopping app, Rozie Pro - Consultant's tool, and Rozie Analytics for cloud computing and data analysis. The three components seamlessly integrate and work together to provide the consultants and their followers a fast, convenient and care-free experience.
  • Time Duration 07 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
The project consisted of two parts - mobile application and web portal. Mobile application was to be made accessible to the consultants and buyers while the web portal was to be made accessible to the admin and consultants. The mobile application had to allow the buyers to browse and claim the products and merchandise during the sale events and also follow the consultants and other buyers on the platform. The consultants could upload the data on the platform using their web portal.

The app needed to provide below features to the client:

  • Create response to the ever growing challenges faced by sales consultants
  • Provide consultant community with most innovative and effective tools
  • Help sales consultants achieve their professional goals in a faster way
  • Provide innovative features such as smart inventory and smart sales
  • Easy finances with paid items added to the ledger and quick inventory management
Strategy & Solution
The client required a user friendly application so that the website visitors could access its multiple functionalities with ease. Our developers worked to provide an intuitive interface and navigation to that provides an interactive and engaging experience to the app users. The application has been developed keeping in mind the convenience of the users and the consultants who could access all the relevant search information and communication at a single place by logging.

  • Six ways to sell using Rozie
  • Full set of consultant sales tools
  • One-time multi sale randomly matched together for smart sales
  • Rozie analytics for sales insights and predictions
  • Review of sales activity to create history of individual buyers
  • Sales that start, end and delete themselves

Backend The client wanted Rozie to be a one-stop solution for sales consultants through which entire sales process could be automated. They wanted the app to be useful for the consultants to allow them grow their business and achieve their professional goals in an easy and faster way. To provide these functionalities to the client, our developers had a thorough research of the leading sales platforms, and the used technologies and tools at the backend that provide the needed functionalities to the app at the front-end. We worked on the following for backend:

  • Security and fraud protection measures
  • Fixing potential problems at early stages of platform integration
  • Up-to-date access with improved service
  • Pulling shipping codes from master database for online verification
  • Phased approach for cost effective development in timely manner
  • Integration of transaction software system

Development process Since it was a data-centric system, there was need to store the data somewhere. For that, a database was to be used. Both the mobile application and web portal had to communicate with the database, however in slightly different ways. The mobile application will only use the database to get data while the web portal could add and modify the data. All of the database communication had to go over the Internet with the help of web services.

We worked on the below features and functionalities during development phase for Rozie:

  • Consultant finder, unicorn finder and multi-sale finder
  • Rozie analytics to track each buyer's sales activities
  • Sale item searching and filtering
  • Adding ledger entries and mileage entries from mobile app
  • Notifying the buyers about new smart sales

Client's Feedback

Good work..
Chuck Grohotolski
Lancaster, PA, USA
Business Outcomes
The real challenge faced by our technical team was in uploading multiple images of the products at the same time. We developed the system to allow the consultants to upload the images of multiple products at the same time using drag and drop feature.

Website Speed Optimization was another challenge that our developers had to face as the database was exhaustive and optimizing the speed was challenging. To overcome this challenge, our developers created indexes and RDBMS in database structure to optimize the website.

Here are the features that helped the client get true value from our successful endeavor:

  • High percentage inventory visible first which leads to greater potential sales
  • Consultants sell to new buyers. Buyers see fresh new inventory
  • Automation everywhere that eliminated many labor intensive steps
  • Additional value for consultant and shopper to help increase sale and save time
  • Easy one click scheduling of a sale that makes online sales process fast
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