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SharePoint Based Loan Set Management System For Medical Supplies

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Leading multinational enterprise dealing in medical equipment renting solutions to hospitals, healthcare facilities, and the medical fraternity in the UAE. A leading medical equipment leasing company, the client empowers healthcare players to acquire medical supplies as and when the need arises throughout the year.

  • Time Duration 08 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
Leasing medical equipment involved the client to manually perform repetitive processes that consumed the effort and time of its workforce. Since processes became labor-intensive and time-consuming, the client found resource forecasting and cost analyses challenging. To top it all, most of the client bookings were happening over the phone; because of which, the orders were falling through the cracks. Since every process was manual, the operations became fragmented and were present in siloes. These manual processes were proving to be a roadblock for the client to meet most of its customer-defined SLAs. These challenges prompted the client to collaborate with Flexsin to deploy new-age digital automation technologies for:

  • Automating medical equipment booking processes and speed to market
  • Checking the availability of medical equipment and improving process efficiency
  • Notifying healthcare facilities about their booking status
  • Providing booking details to the healthcare staff
  • Giving alternative booking dates if the equipment is unavailable
  • Prioritizing emergency equipment booking
  • Enhancing the overall customer experience
Strategy & Solution
The client engaged our team of SharePoint developers to develop and deploy an interactive enterprise digital application, which automated the client's business processes for order execution and logistics. The robust automation solution was designed to improve user experience and reduce turnaround. The solution we designed had the ingredients of AI and ML that made it intelligent enough to handle repetitive manual tasks on its own without human intervention.

Our custom solution was built to provide the client's workforce maximum flexibility while minimizing the manual workflows and driving system-wide automation capabilities. We leveraged advanced data analytics and cloud adoption, which even improved the client's visibility for order fulfillment. Once finalized, the SharePoint solution was discussed with the client to receive the final go-ahead.

Front-end: The client wanted an internal system that can become a single window for its staff that was engaged in booking medical and surgical equipment. The system was designed to provide information ranging from hospital location to equipment availability and estimated dispatch time. Besides, the front end even provided a summary of the ordered equipment to the booking staff so that they can seamlessly manage future orders.

  • Harnessed SharePoint online list and library for managing metadata and storing documents
  • Leveraged custom forms for making equipment booking interactive
  • Implemented REST APIs for incorporating uniformity in the front-end design
  • Set up JQuery for promoting cross-browser computability and simplicity
  • Deployed a dedicated and accurate AI-enabled notification system for delivering notifications for equipment availability and transportation in real time

Backend: The ecosystem's backend was built to have impressive scalability. Our team established a full-cycle IoT-enabled mobile sterilization unit that was synced with our interactive application for refining equipment visibility and minimizing downtime. The team spearheaded the development of the backend platform with no lags and zero bugs. Our team of quality analysts did the due diligence to test every aspect of the backend before exhaustively testing the front-end features of the application.

  • Standardized SharePoint Online (Office 365) for managing complex content libraries and automating processes
  • Optimized a custom backend platform specific to the medical industry
  • Incorporated scalability capabilities as per business growth
  • Accelerated the processing of booking information
  • Built IoT frameworks for tracking resources

Development Process: By leveraging the agile methodology, our team reduced project downtimes and met the most demanding deadlines. The inputs from the client were taken and implemented for ensuring that the project went ahead toward its completion in an organized way. All the project-specific milestones were met in advance, and technology gaps were addressed beforehand.

  • Leveraged AWS for optimizing project completion
  • Integrated critical features in real time
  • Debugged and tested the project before the final launch
  • Fast-tracked project development

Client's Feedback

Thanks to Flexsin's SharePoint team, we have automated the processes and workflows related to bookin..
Syed Hussain
Dubai, United Arab Estates
Business Outcomes
Once developed and deployed, the in-house application automated the booking process for medical equipment and transformed the enterprise's digital infrastructure. The automation, in turn, enabled the client to drive faster turnarounds for their customers while upholding agility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. The project automation empowered the client to be the digital enterprise that experiences new automation potential making it more flexible, faster, and more resilient. This collaboration helped the client to deploy a digital system that:

  • Elevated resource utilization from 60 to 90%
  • Accurately tracked resource utilization every hour through IoT frameworks
  • Saved 80% of man-hours since a manual process that took 20 minutes was automated to complete in just 2 minutes
  • Enable medical facilities to book medical and surgical equipment in real time
  • Introduced full-scale automation that brought down the logistics cost by 30%
  • Improved the ROI generation by 40%
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