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DVD Copycat is a trusted manufacturer of custom DVD and CD products. Most significantly, DVD Copycat differentiates itself with its commitment to quality products and results. The goal is to develop and maintain customer relationships by providing quality product and service that exceeds current industry standards. The client use latest technology and raw material to provide premium CD-R, DVD-R media and high-resolution thermal transfer printing for the DVD and CD duplication projects.
  • Time Duration 04 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
The client wanted to introduce its business to the online world and required an E-commerce website to sell the DVD & CD. Client approached us to develop an e-commerce website where customers can check all the products and customize them to buy best quality and unique aspects of each CD and DVD order. The website should include different features like custom online ordering tools, automated order confirmations, reminders and shipment notifications, effective quality control processes, lower retail prices and an expanded product offering.

The key requirements are:-

  • Elegant and impressive UI
  • User-friendly website
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Responsive website
  • Display all the products with customization feature
  • Easy check out process
Our technical team for developed a dynamic website integrated with Payment Gateway. The challenge was to make the website compatible across a range of browser platforms. We develop an online platform that could deliver high performance and speed. Our client was very eager to have an elegant UI so worked on it while creating this responsive website.

The technology used for the development of this website was PHP. The team has been consistently monitored by the Project Manager to make the website live and as per the client requirements. We focused on the design scalability to make it user friendly and SEO friendly website.

Front-end In order to enhance customer experience we put our efforts to make the website easy to use with impressive interface. We have achieved our target by creating clean and uncluttered interface with clear & striking images of products.

  • Interactive interface
  • High end functionality features
  • Allow to customize products
  • Clear navigation
  • Browser compatible
  • High resolution images

We have developed a flexible website so that client can easily amend the website content by using easy-to-use CMS and manage their all the products and promotions quickly and effectively. Our developers coordinate with UI developers to maintain its functionality features and user-interface.

  • Web server is used to host an e-commerce website.
  • Use of CMS with built-in frameworks and debugging tools
  • MySQL for database management system
  • PHP and ASP is for Server Side Scripting
  • HTML and CSS for front-end

Development Process Our developer leverages their expertise to develop a robust and high performance e-commerce site. We were focused to bring valuable features to make the portal more user-friendly with easy and quick checkout process. Our divided the project in different modules and worked on:-

  • Agile development process for intense discovery phase
  • Deep requirements analysis
  • Architecture design
  • Quality Assurance
  • High level technical design elements

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Fantastic work..Would hire again. Thanks..
Brian Fisher
California, US
It was really great experience to work with this client and end result was a successful launched. Flexsin has developed a simple and user-friendly website which is like as per the Client expectations and requirements. We accomplished assigned a task with full dedication and completed it within deadline. Our endeavors offer various benefits to client:-

  • User - friendly website allow users to explore the products
  • Easy to manage Content management system
  • Allow to sell products globally
  • Keep the client store open for round the clock
  • Increase customer trust
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