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Home > Portfolio > Compliance Management Software offers a most powerful and user-friendly tools that enable compliance managers, facilities manager, property and strata managers to view, track and report on compliance information within few seconds. It's a simple automated platform utilize to simplify the compliance obligations of different industrial sectors. The users can easily registered on the website and get their sites compliance from the tools.
  • Time Duration 08 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
Our client has required a simple and most powerful compliance tool that handles their customer's compliance requirements in efficient and easy manner. The main idea behind the project was to develop a compliance tool that benefits users by offering:-

  • Design a ultra-user-friendly compliance
  • Generate comprehensive and professional report in few clicks
  • Eliminate the problem of double handling of compliance
  • Allow to monitor thousands of websites from anywhere
  • Fully automated to organize, notifies, follow up and report
  • Manage remote and multisite portfolios
  • Notification feature to manage due dates, expired dates and site compliant dates
The project was complicated as the logic behind compliance site was challenging to achieve. Our team dedicatedly worked on the project and research on different compatible features as per the required framework and technologies. We have designed user-friendly interface while keeping the scalability and additional future modules of the project. Flexsin has finally developed the application with all the features to meet client expectations and requirements.

Font-end According client needs, we have designed simple yet powerful compliance management software capable in regulating the compliance needs of different industries in an most easy and quick manner. The tool is easy to operate and include amazing front-end features:-

  • Powerful filters to see only what you need
  • Fast and quick loading
  • Clear navigation
  • Intuitive interface super easy to use
  • Track and analyze your compliance progress
  • Simple way for reporting, auditing and compliance submission

Backend Our team was very focused towards project and concentrated on the factors that what and how it should be done. We utilized our knowledge and expertise to make this compliance tool useful for different industrial sectors like retail, healthcare, warehouse, commercial & industry, etc. It includes various features like:-

  • Manage remote and multisite portfolio in easy way
  • Use of HTML5 to design interactive interface
  • Utilize ruby on rails for high speed development
  • Ensure all data changes are recorded and secure safely

Development process From development to testing phase, Flexsin was responsible for developing the whole project. During the complete development process, we kept our client aware with all the changes and progress report of the project. We had investigated on business logic of compliance and design algorithms that help us in our development process. After all, our aim was to design a user-friendly compliance tool that can be run by professionals as well by tech savvy juniors. We had worked on different aspects of the projects that include:-

  • Setting up user roles and permission
  • Worked on project strategy and business cases
  • Implementation of complex business logic
  • Develop innovative algorithms
  • Testing process

With the help of our Technical Managers and supporting team we achieved the goal with in a timelines and delivered quality product to the client.

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Flexsin's ROR team is very good at its understanding towards my projects as it was not an easy proje..
Andrew Savva
Sydney, Australia
With our team work effort we had successful accomplished the project while meeting client expectations. This compliance software successfully works and helps the companies in avoiding legal risks that save their millions of dollars. The companies looking for better performance, low cost and efficient compliance management system can use this tool and enjoy its numerous benefits.

Other key features of compliance management tool Includes:-

  • Provide immediate management savings, IT savings, administration saving and efficiency saving benefits
  • Powerful tool utilize in the office or in the field
  • Generate automated compliance report to your inbox directly
  • Provide notifications to managers and suppliers as per the task due date
  • Eliminate your dependency on spreadsheets, calendars and emails
  • Play well in enhancing employees and suppliers performance
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