Improved Business Operations in the Printing Industry through Zoho One Implementation

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Client Overview
A trusted printing services provider in the UK wanted to improve its sales management, bookkeeping, and inventory processes. Founded in 2008, the client has helped fulfill diversified printing requirements of leading brands - the NHS, BBC, and Barclays. As a technology partner for the client, we implemented the Zoho CRM ecosystem for the client. After Zoho implementation was done, we integrated it with the Zoho One - including Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory. The Zoho CRM deployment helped the client streamline everyday business operations.

Business Needs
The client's business faced a host of challenges in its day-to-day operations. The business was relying on disparate processes and inefficient systems, leading to errors, order processing delays, and manual work. Lacking an integrated solution led the client to track sales ineffectively, mismanage inventory, and generate inaccurate financial data. Here are the key challenges that led the client to partner with a Zoho consulting company.

  • Streamlining sales management
  • Improving financial reporting and bookkeeping
  • Simplifying inventory management
  • Automating mundane and repetitive tasks
  • Improving the collaboration between design teams and sales force
  • Enhancing logistics management
Strategy & Solution
Our Zoho experts collaborated with the client's business team to deploy a range of Zoho solutions that addressed specific business needs and transformed operations. Here is an overview of the suite of different solutions we offered to the client.

Deploying Zoho CRM:We ensured that Zoho CRM implementation was tailored to meet the specific sales requirements of the client. These requirements included efficient order possessing, improved lead management, and optimal opportunity tracking.

Integrating Zoho Books:The client required to streamline its financial processes. Because of that reason, we integrated Zoho Books with Zoho CRM. This integration led to automating different financial aspects, including financial reporting, invoicing, etc., thereby reducing manual efforts and bolstering accuracy.

Implementing Zoho Inventory: We integrated Zoho Inventory into the business ecosystem to optimize inventory management, evaluate stock levels in real time, and automate purchase orders. This integration eventually helped the client avoid instances of stockouts and enhanced the end-to-end order fulfillment process.

Tailoring Business Workflows:Our Zoho consultants guided the client to tackle repetitive and mundane tasks with customized business workflows. Because of these processes, we helped the client embrace business process automation (BPA). Eventually, BPA saved time and reduced the instances of committing errors that were commonplace with manual tasks.

Moving Legacy Data:We facilitated product data migration from the client's different legacy systems into Zoho One. The data migration activity helped the client ensure data continuity and minimized the chances of disruptions, which were likely to be caused by the transition.

Integrating With Adobe Creative Cloud:While interacting with the client's business team, we recognized a strong requirement to streamline collaboration between sales personnel and design teams. Because of that reason, we integrated the Zoho CRM system with Adobe Creative Cloud. This integration streamlined how design assets were shared, improved order creation processes, and optimized customer experiences.

Adding the WooCommerce Plug-In: We integrated the Zoho CRM ecosystem with WooCommerce. Moreover, we synced stock levels and product details too. This integration eventually helped the client manage their e-commerce processes efficiently and seamlessly.

Incorporating ShipStation: We improved logistics management and shipping modules by integrating ShipStation into the client's business system. Eventually, this third-party app integration into the Zoho ecosystem helped improve shipping workflows and enhance logistics efficiency.

Business Outcomes
Following the successful deployment of the Zoho One product suite, the client improved its business processes. With the implementation, the client was able to realize a number of benefits. Here are the key successes the client achieved once the engagement ended.

  • Streamlined lead management, order processing, and opportunity tracking
  • Centralized inventory tracking and streamlined order fulfillment
  • Unlocked the benefits of BPA to realize significant cost savings
  • Integrated the Zoho CRM module into Zoho One to improve the accuracy of the financial data and reduce the reconciliation time
Client's Speak
The Zoho consultants at Flexsin helped me implement the Zoho One products suite. And this deployment helped my business enable transformation at the deepest level. Much recommended!

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