An EMR Application Empowered Healthcare Facilities To Improve Patient Diagnostics And Outcomes

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Client Overview
A healthcare technology provider needed an electronic medical record (EMR) system to improve patient care and maximize cost savings. The client offers a digital suite of products and solutions that improve clinical decision-making and healthcare outcomes. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we built an EMR web application that digitally transformed medical ecosystems, safeguarded patient data, and accelerated treatment delivery.
Business Needs
RetinaTec leveraged our deep domain expertise and rich experience for designing, developing, and deploying a robust EMR (electronic medical record) system. The platform was designed keeping in mind three elements: adaptability, ease of use, and affordability. The vision behind developing this EMR system was to create a better value-enabled world by empowering medical professionals to take action across a range of care sites.

  • Built comprehensive health record management
  • Improved the quality of healthcare
  • Enhanced the quality of healthcare-based decisions
  • Streamlined the migration from legacy platforms to the new one
  • Reduced the instances of data breaches
Strategy & Solution
For successfully completing this EMR project, the client hired Flexsin's project managers, web developers, and cloud specialists. The team was brought on board to build an intuitive EMR that will help the client streamline the interactions between medical professionals, billers, pharmacists, and patients in a highly modern way. The web-enabled application was built for clinics and hospitals running in the public and private sector.

Front-end The EMR application, which we had built for the client, was to be deployed across different medical establishments. This application was developed to have a user-friendly interface that was as fast and responsive as possible.

  • High performance
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast load time
  • Reduced man-hours

Backend This EMR application will need a strong backend system that will perform efficiently. The backend system will have to be robust for this EMR web-based ecosystem because the country where this application is deployed has slow internet access.

  • Built lightweight applications
  • Created less resource-intensive modules
  • Implemented responsive SaaS architecture

Development Process The development team leveraged revolutionary SaaS-based architecture for creating this web-empowered application. The team at Flexsin not just designed and developed the app but even revamped it to improve healthcare delivery and related operations.

  • Requirement analysis
  • Architectural customization
  • EMR development
  • Support and maintenance

With these steps in place, we came up with the most robust EMR application for healthcare facilities on the web. The team, further, researched the medical sector and pharmaceutical industry for bringing crucial features in the app.
Business Outcomes
This EMR application empowered our client to deliver real-world results in real time. This web-based solution has enabled the client to make sure that every key player in the medical ecosystem is connected.

By following a collaborative approach, we ensured that the client has created a powerful connected healthcare delivery system with this EMR system. Below are some of the benefits that our client reaped.

  • Transformed care management across medical facilities
  • Streamlined care-delivery procedures
  • Reduced manual operation
  • Lowered the operational cost
  • Brought down the chances of errors
Client's Speak
Flexsin Technologies has worked with us to create a very complex web based application. They have been most accommodating and have provided vital suggestions during the development stage, crucial advice for anyone who is new to digital product development. We have built a strong relationship with the team at Flexsin and we cannot recommend them enough. Their professional approach is fundamental for this industry and we look forward to working with them in the near future on exciting new projects. Thanks Flexsin!!
Guleed Abokor
Director - Retinatec Limited, Birmingham, UK
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